Appointed an ambassador ineligible and contributed to the extension of the rule of al-Maliki .. charges for Clinton

Appointed an ambassador ineligible and contributed to the extension of the rule of al-Maliki .. charges for Clinton to pay about Iraq disaster

Thursday, April 16, 2015 08:37

Appointed an ambassador ineligible and contributed to the extension of the rule of al-Maliki - charges for Clinton to pay about Iraq disasterBAGHDAD / follow Baghdadi News / .. former British diplomatic accused competent in Middle Eastern affairs, Emma Sky and researcher and former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s contribution to the catastrophic money that ended up with Iraq during the four years of the head of the US diplomatic work in Obama’s first administration.

According to Sky, which worked a political adviser to the commander of US forces in Iraq, Gen. Raymond Odierno, from 2007 to 2010, in her new book “collapse,” said Clinton ran a diplomatic mission “corrupted” in Baghdad left Iraq sliding back into sectarian strife after the 2010 elections and was a two-year MRA and then take on the Clinton State Department in the Obama administration.
Contained criticism of Skye, who studied at Oxford University to perform Clinton announced her candidacy for the presidential elections on Sunday, in a new book will be released next month for the seven her years spent in the Iraq experience. The book paints a “collapse: hopes and missed opportunities in Iraq” very negative image of the Obama administration, which says that Sky was concerned with getting out of Iraq as soon as possible.
Sky writes that Clinton appointed an ambassador is efficient in Baghdad is Christopher Hill, who were not has little experience in the region, and was seen its population with contempt.
It adds Sky, “said Hill, despite being a diplomat Mslekia he lacks experience in the region and entrusted with the role does not suits him in Baghdad, but he really did not want, but Secretary of State Hillary Clinton convinced him and this is what has been recognized by the Clinton Gen. Odierno, as he told me, when she met early 2010 in Washington to discuss the floundering embassy’s work. ”
Sky continues, “said Hill in meetings with the staff was making it clear how much he does not like Iraq and the Iraqis.” She said that the priority was. That makes the US embassy look like an American diplomatic mission “normal” And if that included the import rolls of grass to “the ambassador can exercise game LaCrosse him.”
This paved the way for former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who managed Bastgval Washington of kidnapping and does not deserve a second term despite concerns that he was “a sectarian dictator in the making.”
Sky says that American foreign policy failure allowed the white house with the support Maliki for a second term after the 2010 elections, despite Allawi’s bloc won the largest number of seats. The sequence that Hill told Odierno said, “Iraq is not ready for democracy and that Iraq needs a strong man and the Shiite al-Maliki is our man.”
Sky and go to the US Vice President Joe Biden did not appear to mention the political complexities of Iraq so he comparisons “clumsy” between sectarian war in Iraq and the historical conflict with Britain, Ireland attention.
And he expressed entered into when I tried to explain to him that Sky complexities of the Iraqi scene, with its secular and Islamist moderates want sectarian exceeded. Sky says that Biden “was not able to accommodate that,” he told her that his grandfather was an Irish hated the British, and is similar to the situation in the Balkans, where “everyone hated each other.”
Biden reiterated his opinion simplistic in a meeting with the Iraqi bloc where embarrassed when he told him one Iraqi politicians he holds British citizenship. Sky and writes that the withdrawal of Obama hastily at the end of 2011 missed opportunities available strenuous efforts to bring lasting peace in Iraq after the 2003 war.
The Sky, which now operates a researcher at Yale University, the US moved to work in Iraq in 2003, after a period spent with the British Council Iivafa in the Palestinian territories. And later moved to the occupation of Kirkuk, where impressed Odierno work and decided to set adviser. End