$ 5 million from the funds of the “CIA” benefited bin Laden!

$ 5 million from the funds of the “CIA” benefited bin Laden!

16/03/2015 07:07 GMT

5 million dollars from the funds of the CIA benefited bin LadenAgencies – five million dollars from the CIA, CIA funds, may be used by “Al Qaeda” to finance its operations in Afghanistan before the death of its leader, Osama bin Laden, after he turned Kabul to meet with the release of one of its officials, this is the incident that occupy analysts America after Avcdhahaa recently.
The case unveiled for the first time newspaper “New York Times” It explains how to get al-Qaeda on the millions of dollars from the US Central Intelligence Agency CIA through ransoms were paid by Washington and the Afghan government, which in turn received the base for the release of hostages.

According to one of the cases cited by the newspaper, the Afghan government has carried out in 2010 a deal with al-Qaeda for the liberation of one Afghan diplomats who were fist organization, but al-Qaeda raised the value of the ransom at the last minute to five million dollars, has been asked Afghans of CIA intervention, What was the last, however, sent the money in bags to Kabul later handed over to al Qaeda and its leader at the time, Osama bin Laden.

Security affairs analyst for CNN and former client’s CIA Bob Bayer, explained that “these things happen in the following way: the White House asked the CIA to intervene and provide all forms of support to the Afghan government and President Hamid Karzai, then the agency to transfer the money to the Afghans after they have got it from Budget presented by her Congress. ”

Bayer said that the CIA notified the White House that there is no way to have to ensure trace those funds, allowing Karzai spent as he sees fit, which is later exploited, either in the drug trade or pay ransoms and to provide funds for the base, which means that he can do what they please, Verde White House to support Karzai is essential and must be done. He continued: “The amount reached in favor of the rule used to finance its operations for a period of time, and this is does not surprise me, I do not think it is surprising that CIA is aware of how things are going well in those countries.”

He concluded by saying: “Corruption is known publicly in Afghanistan, has invaded that country in 2001, and we have entered in good faith, but everyone was aware that the country is mired in chaos and no way to control it, and this also happened in Pakistan and Iraq have already told the White House myself that there was no way to control the money we spend, and said officials will spend this money, but we will not know how. ”