Barzani meets a delegation from the “Iraqi” political situation

Date: Monday 14/5/2012 7:40

 Erbil / range 
search Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani, with a delegation from the Iraqi List, headed by Rafie al-Issawi in the resort of Salahuddin political developments and the differences between the political blocs, and efforts, and the views of those parties about the crisis in the political process in Iraq, as he emphasized in an interview with Future Movement, the importance of bilateral relations between the Kurdistan region and the Lebanese Republic. During the meeting, according to the website presidency of the region, to exchange views on the status of disputed territories, which confirmed Iraqi List and the unity of the Iraqi controversial issues in Iraq.

For his part, Rafie al-Issawi support the positions of President of Kurdistan Region, said: “President of the Region is not a leader of the Kurds only, but it is a leader known at the Iraqi, so the Iraqi List, supports absolutely all his efforts in order to contain the crisis. 
 The Erbil witnessed encounters a number of leaders of blocs and political groups to discuss the political crisis in Iraq, including the so-called meeting of the Irbil Five, which was attended by Sayyid Muqtada al- chest and resulted in him sending a message included nine points to build state institutions and the reform of the political process. and gave the message of Prime Minister fifteen days ending on the seventeenth of this month to answer them. 
the other hand, received the President of Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani, in the resort of Salahuddin in Arbil on Sunday, and a senior delegation from the Future Movement, the Lebanese under the chairmanship of Sheikh Ahmed Al Hariri, the Secretary-General of the stream, where President Barzani the importance of the role of the late Rafik Hariri, in the granting of Lebanese citizenship to the Kurds in Lebanon. 
and discussed President Barzani and the Sheikh al-Hariri the overall political situation in the region and Iraq, confirming the importance of the Kurdistan region as a gateway economical Iraq in order to attract investments.