Zebari: 2015 budget is the closest economic reality in the country

Zebari: 2015 budget is the closest economic reality in the country

Monday, December 29 1 / December 2014 16:44

Zebari - 2015 budget is the closest economic reality in the country[Baghdad-where]

Description Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, on Monday, the financial budget for 2015 with “realism,” adding that “the government will provide 2014 budget expenditures, and aspects of exchange in the first half of next year.”

Zebari said at a news conference ministry building in Baghdad today that “the government and the ministry has fulfilled its obligations and commitments to the Council of Representatives and citizens to submit a draft budget to the parliament before the end of the year 2014″.

Zebari said, “This budget is a realistic budget and the closest to the reality of the financial and economic situation in the country.”

The Finance Minister said that “the Council of Ministers held with several ministerial committee amendments to the budget,” appealing “Parliament committees allocative adoption of the budget law after studying at the beginning of next year, so that the government and the ministry to control the revenues and expenses and to begin work on the provision of the proposed revenues to bridge the fiscal deficit and the provision of basic services citizens. ”

He also appealed to the Minister of Finance “all ministries and agencies in collaboration with the financial instructions contained in the Accounting Department to stop the publication of exchange end of the fiscal year 31/12/2104, according to the law of financial management and public debt.”

“The challenges faced by the Iraqi economy in 2014 in a lack of liquidity as a result of terrorism organization Daash and expenses of defense and fronting the vitality and the drop in oil prices in world markets.”

And between Zebari, “the proposed government measures to finance the deficit and financial gap of national savings and assets retained and SDRs and the issuance of foreign bonds and public debt through the legal reserve banks and treasury transfers from the Trade Bank of Iraq and issuing money orders treasury government banks.”

He explained, “that the government will provide a budget for 2014, and will serve as a financial statement on the actual income and expenses and aspects of exchange in the first half of next year,” and urged “the concerned ministries of electricity, municipalities and the Municipality of Baghdad importance of revenue collection and organization.”

The Cabinet has approved a draft budget law Tuesday a $ 125 trillion dinars and a deficit of 25 trillion after Zaadthma two trillion dinars during rehash of some of the paragraphs of the budget.

The House of Representatives has done in its meeting held last Thursday special session, the first reading of the draft budget law and referred to the Finance Committee for consideration before its lift to the seventh of next month.

As prime minister warned Haider al-Abadi, today, of a large fiscal deficit in the second half of 2015 unless there is a thoughtful feminine in state spending during the six months Alaoly.anthy