Deputy: postpone approving the budget to early 2015

Deputy: postpone approving the budget to early 2015


Deputy - postpone approving the budget to early 2015Befuddled volatility of world oil prices approving the budget process and sent by the federal government to the House of Representatives, in order to vote in Sunday’s meeting, which is the last chapter in the first legislative.

He said the financial Edwalganh parliamentary Jabbar al-Issawi told a news conference attended by Radio Free Iraq, the instability of oil prices led to stop sending the Federal Budgeting to parliament for discussion, which means it will be delayed approval with the start of the next legislative term, beginning in 2015.

It seems that the decline in oil prices did not only affect the approval Mozna process, but also extended to the weakness of the specific allocations for each ministry or the point of implementation, which prompted the Minister of Electricity Qassim Fahdawi to hold a joint press conference, with the energy parliamentary explained it, that the next year’s budget will include allocations very low for the electricity sector.

Outside parliament attention approving the budget, threatened voices representative, “the asylum international coalition to liberate areas controlled by Daash, if the government can not stop the collective punishment of the population of those areas, some of what he called MP Salahuddin Kahar Samurai,” the lurking within the forces security. ”

According to parliamentary sources, is expected to decide the presidency of the House of Representatives held a special meeting to approve the Moana, that were agreed upon during the final legislative holiday period.