Mahdi provides an explanation of the Baghdad-Erbil agreement and answer the question 15 seats

Mahdi provides an explanation of the Baghdad-Erbil agreement and answer the question 15 seats

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2 / NOVEMBER 17, 2014 16:13

Mahdi provides an explanation of the Baghdad-Erbil agreement and answer the question 15 seatsTwilight News / hosted by the House of Representatives held by thirty minutes on Monday under the chairmanship of Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 237 deputies, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and the oil minister to discuss the oil and the economic reality of the country

At the outset of the meeting led MP Hadi al-Amiri was sworn member of the House of Representatives .

Then the Council hosted Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and the oil minister to review the economic reality and the oil and the agreement between the federal government and the Kurdistan Region .

At the outset of hosting oil minister said that oil prices have declined rapidly exceeded $ 40 in a few months, adding that Iraq will be affected oil prices down for adoption it is mainly in the construction of the financial budget of the country .

He said Abdul-Mahdi, that the most important drop in oil prices factors are increasing shale oil production and increasing oil production in some African countries offset by lower global demand as well as declining growth rates in some Asian countries, especially that more than half of Iraq’s oil production was exported to Asia and rising global stock of Oil for most industrialized countries .

He favored the oil minister, the lack of a rapid rise in oil prices during the current period in spite of the presence of the attempts being made ​​to ensure the stability of the oil market or to achieve relatively high prices, pointing out that the expected oil price calculated in the construction budget for 2015 will appreciate to $ 80 per barrel, a link the performance of the Iraqi economy in the correct orientation of financial resources through improved compression unnecessary expenditures .

He pointed out that the ministry is in the review of the expenses for the state developed being can not be perpetuated, noting that the money currently can have a building budget to contribute to development, stressing the need to diversify the Iraqi economy sources, especially after the decline in many sectors of the economy versus high dependence on the oil sector over the past years .

He called on the oil minister to resort to bold steps in the field of investment and attract capital for the advancement of economic reality and the possibility of benefiting from the funds of the investment in the budget, noting that the agreement with the province to Ajribt grant amount of money compared to the amount of oil, but an important agreement for the purpose of reaching a final agreement between the government and the province .

He stressed that the agreement with the province can save imports million barrels of oil were absent from the 2014 expenses alluding to the absence of a dispute that all the oil resources must go to the state treasury.

He pointed to the start of the arrival of 150 000 barrels of oil to the Turkish port of Ceyhan for export Iraqi government spokesman, noting that the Iraqi forces approaching from access to the Baiji refinery, which provides about 300 000 barrels per day of crude oil, as will re-work in refineries and fields of Kirkuk to the advantage of imports export 700 000 barrels per day in support of the budget .

In fact, the interventions of the House of Representatives on the oil MP Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum asked the Chairman of the Commission on oil and energy ministry forecast oil production over the next year from the central and southern fields, calling for the development of a roadmap for installing the agreement between the federal government and the Kurdistan Region .

He asked MP Mohammad Naji about the nature of the action taken by the Ministry of Oil to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries to adjust oil prices .

She MP Magda al-Tamimi, the need to know the border crossing points and revenues included in the budget .

He called Mehdi al-Hafez and the Ministry of Oil to view the details of the agreement between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government in all transparency .

For his part, the deputy asked capable happy about the impact of the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil on oil and gas law, which has not been voted on yet .

The MP Kanna on the need to know your plan in coordination with the Ministry of the Kurdistan region to protect existing wells in the soft areas .

Asked Rep. Najiba Najib about how the survival of the region’s share and its relation to the amount of oil by the source .

Inquired MP Ali al-Adeeb, the fate of Kirkuk’s oil export and destination of funds, calling for joint coordination between the neighboring countries, especially Saudi Arabia regarding oil prices .

He asked Attorney Knight Albraivkane for oil strategy that enables Iraq from the face of declining national levels of imports .

He said Rep. Joseph Saliwa to the importance of the government to effectively control the oil extraction companies to reduce expenses and dues exaggerated .

MP Ahmed al-Jubouri, in turn called the Oil Ministry to deliver oil to the displaced portion of the province of Nineveh .

MP Ammar Tohme need to reach a political agreement in accordance with the standards of justice and population ratios, and wondered about the possibility of forming the front of the affected countries from flooding the oil market policy .

MP Mohsen Saadoun urged the federal government to follow the policy of decentralization in the management of oil in order to achieve success in the economic file .

And MP Mohammed al-Tai, the need for the federal government to conclude an oil agreement with Basra .

Inquired MP Jawad al-Bolani for possession of the ministry for a comprehensive plan to build a clear policy to diversify its financial resources and increase oil production .

In response to interventions, Adel Abdul Mahdi, the oil minister said that consumption in the global markets of 90 million barrels per day, compared to production of 91 million barrels per day, noting that al-OPEC ranks and policy will lead to adjust prices, but there are different opinions among its members, pointing to a need for some time to fruitless talks conducted by Iraq with the countries of the region on own oil policy agreements .

The Minister of Oil that the ministry of Athbz adoption of criteria for distinguishing between the provinces and its role in the oil wealth management, pointing out that Iraq and its resources will be affected by the reduction in OPEC production despite the lack of full commitment to the decision of the organization, referring to an agreement in the presence of Prime Minister of the Kurdistan region to Baghdad within days to view all details oil relationship between the federal government and the province and address the problems.

He said the absence of a law of oil and gas regulation will hinder any oil relationship between the government and the regions, on the one hand and the oil-producing provinces on the other hand .

And between Abdul-Mahdi said the responsibility not to enactment of the oil and gas borne by all stakeholders law, explaining that the lack of law and regulations and controls made ​​it difficult to resolve the oil export issues by region. During the period of 2012 and the years that followed were the export of oil led to the complexity of the scene, pointing to contain what Walt him things through negotiations was a wise move, especially it aims to export 150 000 barrels of oil per day, adding that the agreement that we are trying to reach him to export oil through the region, the lines will be for the benefit of all, especially the provinces that pipeline to export oil from Kirkuk will be inoperable even if it was liberated city Mosul .

Then I decided the Presidency to postpone the second reading of the draft law on ratification investment promotion and protection between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and submitted by the Committees on Foreign Relations and the Economy and Investment and the second reading of the draft law on ratification agreement between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the State of Kuwait to encourage mutual investment protection and submitted by the Committees Relations Law Convention on the Law Foreign investment and the economy .

Then decided to adjourn the meeting to next Tuesday 11/25/2014 .