Kuwaiti Ambassador in Baghdad with Kuwait out of Iraq from Chapter VII, and strongly

BAGHDAD (Iba) … Said the Kuwaiti ambassador in Baghdad to the insured that all outstanding issues have been agreed on paper, pointing out that the common fields are the only two fields and we will settle the issue by visiting Kuwaiti Prime Minister end of this year, stressing determine the quantities and the right of each country in these fields. And Kuwait with the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII and forcefully.

The believer in a press statement the insurer that the relationship the Iraqi-Kuwaiti distinct from earlier and there are things that are not measured in the political situation, but in good faith and common interests and the neighborhood, pointing out that the intention will be reflected at this stage on the convergence of most of Iraq and Kuwait from senior leadership and joint committees. He said that among the things that were agreed upon recently is the maintenance of border pillars, indicating that the file of compensation is still under study through our sponsorship proposals to the Iraqi side, and it’s up to him to accept or modify.

And that Kuwait with the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII, and strongly, but he also Still, it is in the hands of the United Nations, pointing out that Iraq and Kuwait and the status of some facilities in order to get out of this chapter or heading through agreements, treaties and memoranda of understanding, which was discussed recently.

He explained that there are items that are not, however, Iraq or Kuwait in order to end this chapter in full, but, however, the United Nations, which includes the issue of reparations and the Archive and the remains of missing persons and the maintenance of border points, which is one of the most important files, explaining that the agreement on these matters with the Iraqi side on paper and wait for execution All of them only up to the next meeting attended by Prime Minister of Kuwait to Iraq by the end of this year.

And obtain the visa for Iraqis wishing to enter Kuwait, which restricted in the recent past, Ambassador of Kuwait to the insured grants in the previous period of more than (10) thousands of Visa to Iraqi businessmen to enter Kuwait, indicating Currently there are strict procedures for granting the visa because of the occurrence of conditions of security and the security men fear the loss of Kuwaiti and some information.

And on file port Mubarak and the oil fields shared between the two countries and Iraq’s response to him, he replied believer: that the port of Mubarak will not affect in Iraq, on the ground Kuwaiti did not come out even to the land but that the channel will expand to double and deepen some weakness also will be the best navigation devices in the world in coordination with the Iraqi side and to identify the Iraqi ports, pointing out that the joint oil fields and put on the agenda the discussion it was agreed they were relatively fair Iraq and Kuwait during the quantities and the right of each country like other countries.