Demarcation of the border, Iraq – Kuwait during the 8 months

05/06/2012 0:00

Agreement at the United Nations to lift the country out of Chapter VII of 
Baghdad – Al Sabah 
agreed to Baghdad and Kuwait to demarcate the border through the implementation of the maintenance project marks the border this year, and the pursuit of serious and real to remove Iraq from Chapter VII. 
This is the developments a “significant step” in strengthening relations between the two countries, which opens the doors widely to the development of cooperation between the two countries, which are among the most important in the region for Imitlkana of natural resources and experiences. 
described the Ambassador Hamid al-Bayati, Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations to meet with his Kuwaiti counterpart Mansour Al-Otaibi at the UN headquarters on Tuesday evening, as “historic . “Bayati said:” I think that for the first time in the history of the United Nations to meet the Iraqi ambassador, and Kuwaiti Ambassador together and meet with officials of the United Nations to follow up on maintenance of border signs. ” 
he said in a statement quoted by the official KUNA news agency: “In fact, we sent a message and a realistic, practical and direct that the two countries agreed to solve all the problems that occurred after the invasion of the dictatorial regime of Kuwait for the possibility of withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII once and forever. ” 
The Al-Bayati and Al-Otaibi had missions last week a joint letter to the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations for Political Affairs Lynn Pascoe to hold a tripartite meeting to consider the take the necessary measures to start a maintenance project marks the border between the two countries. 
For his part, Permanent Representative of Kuwait to the United Nations: “The International Organization expects to be completed by maintenance project marks the border between Kuwait and Iraq during the eight months almost to require completion of the procedures administrative and practical on the ground, taking climatic factors into consideration. 
said Otaibi after the meeting which was attended by Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs Lynn Pascoe, “The meeting dominated by the spirit of a very positive and that there is willingness between Kuwait and Iraq now urge the United Nations on the beginning of the project,” explaining that the organization International believes that doing the project before the end of next October will not be easy. 
in turn, said Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations for Political Affairs: “The United Nations and Secretary-General in particular interested in very topic of improving relations between Kuwait and Iraq.” 
He continued: “We happy to see that the ministerial meeting had gone well between the two sides .. We are very pleased to see the process of progress and we will do everything in our power to make sure that things will go quickly. ” 
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