Iraq possesses fertile environment for investment in all sectors of economic, Chapter VII lift will be huge for Iraq

Baghdad (newsletter) … Member of the parliamentary Finance Committee/National Alliance Deputy/Haytham Al-Juburi, to the need to develop facilities for investors to enter the Iraqi environment for investment, adding that strengthening the relationship with the State of Kuwait will help to lift the huge Iraq from Chapter VII.

He said Al-Juburi (News News Agency): that Iraq possesses fertile environment for all sectors of economic investment and, at the same time, there is a strong desire by all companies to enter Iraq to invest.

He added: we must develop facilities for investors to come to invest in Iraq, notably Kuwait below are developed in many areas of industrial and housing, energy and Iraq can benefit from their experiences, mtamla to improve the investment environment of Kuwaiti companies in Iraq and progress unless provided some foreign companies.

Companies have shown their willingness to Arabic and foreign entry into Iraq for the purpose of investment environment in all economic sectors across the country