Finance Committee agrees not to merge the budgets this year and next

Finance Committee agrees not to merge the budgets this year and next

Sunday, 10 August / August 2014 19:32

Finance Committee agrees not to merge the budgets this year and next[Baghdad where]

A member of the Finance Committee to study the interim general budget, crescent Sahlani Sunday, members of the Committee for the agreement not to merge the budgets this year and next.

Sahlani said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where], a copy of which, “The members of the Finance Committee of the interim set up by the House of Representatives to re-examine the current year budget agreed not to merge with the budget next year.”

He Sahlani that “the Council is determined to approve the budget this year because of their importance in the conduct of the affairs of state and the provision of services to citizens.”

The Interim Committee to discuss the budget for fiscal 2014 has looked at its third meeting headed by Chairman of the Committee, First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Haider Abadi, and the presence of the Minister of Finance Agency purity of net debt outstanding issues in the budget and ways to solve them in preparation for approval.

A statement by the Office of Abadi said that “the meeting included the Minister of Finance to provide the agency a summary of the monetary and financial position and advances in the budget as submitted by deputies inquiries regarding revenues and expenses, and financial shenanigans between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.”

Abbadi said, according to the statement “the importance of intensifying meetings of the Interim Committee to submit its report as soon as possible”, while stressing “the importance of the financial budget and approval for the country.”

He added that “the Interim Committee will have a position and not a procedural financially,” stressing the need to “continue Petrhik expenses for some APOP budget in view of the conditions experienced by the country.”

It was Haider Abadi, First Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives and Chairman of the Interim Committee to approve the budget bill for fiscal 2014 announced the re-budget to the government for review before considering the legislation, and the agreement with the Interim Committee on Protozoa with the timeframe and the demand of the Ministry of Finance monetary stance, Finance and imports and advances that were paid and military and financial obligations.

The House voted, on 23 July, on the proposal to form a parliamentary committee to discuss the issue of an interim financial budget for 2014, while a student parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the Committee to submit its report on the budget soon to be domesticated in the opinion of the government Alathadah.anthy.