Parliamentary Finance: There are GCC initiative to bring down the debt on Iraq, Saudi Arabia


BAGHDAD / JD / .. revealed the parliamentary finance committee on Gulf initiative to bring down the debt owed by Iraq Saudi Arabia. A member of the Committee MP for the coalition of state law Haitham Jubouri’s / JD / that “Saudi Arabia continues to insist on its debt position on Iraq will not give them that were not there a reconciliation between the two countries.” The Jubouri “There is an initiative by the Gulf state of Kuwait to settle the differences and the liquidation of the Iraqi-Saudi relations between the two countries.” He pointed out that “Kuwait is initiated to liquidate the atmosphere of relations between Iraq and Saudi Arabia as a mediator and not at the request of the Iraqi government.” He noted a member of the parliamentary finance committee and the representative of a coalition of state law that the Kuwaiti initiative is the first two steps a political reconciliation between the Iraqi government and Saudi Arabia, and then be available to talk about debt forgiveness position on Iraq. “/ Ended / 11 n