U.S. official: al-Maliki a few days and his generals Akhaddonh

U.S. official: al-Maliki a few days and his generals Akhaddonh

Posted 26/07/2014 11:38 AM

US official - al-Maliki a few days and his generals AkhaddonhRevealed a senior official in the U.S. State Department, about the difficulty of dealing with the Iraqi government led by al-Maliki, and is likely to be his days are numbered in power.

He said Assistant U.S. Secretary of State for Iraq and Iran Brett Mkourk in his speech during a hearing before the Foreign Relations Committee in the U.S. Senate, quoted by the Washington Post came under frustrations severe with the Iraqi government, especially through the last year, “expected to” be days Maliki are numbered as prime minister ” .

He Mkourk in front of the Senate committee, saying, “We have formed a new parliament, and through this parliament will appear for the presence of new leaders, there are a handful of leaders fluent too may appear on the surface to Itbooaa post of prime minister, noting,” We are anxious because we see this event happen very quickly during the days the next. ”

Military analysts felt that the failure of al-Maliki as a leader in combining the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds in the coalition government,

He revealed Mkourk who served as a diplomat in Iraq through the presence of U.S. troops in it for “the existence of a deep chasm between the plans of U.S. and Iraqi forces in how to manage the battles against the militants,” noting that “U.S. military officers have advised the Iraqi government not to enter the city of Tikrit, but the Iraqis have taken a decision contrary and went to the City Tikrit, and in fact we did not support the resolution and the 700 advisers from the U.S. military who were sent to Iraq recently have been subjected to confuse. ”

And between Mkourk “al-Maliki told that his generals were Akhaddauh regarding the progress of the insurgents,” adding that “al-Maliki to expel the screening on the track a number of senior officers.”