Our deal with al-Maliki to withdraw and replacement of the mass of a condition that has been accepted national

Liberals and the Council: our deal with al-Maliki to withdraw and replacement of the mass of a condition that has been accepted national

07/17/2014 (00:01 pm)

Liberals and the Council - our deal with al-Maliki to withdraw and replacement of the mass of a condition that has been accepted nationalBAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

Revealed Ktlta Liberals and the citizen, yesterday, that the rule of law become convinced of offering an alternative for Nouri al-Maliki if it wants to keep under the chairmanship of the Government, and that the drain Rgehta senior positions “balance” the state of law of the points, as well as provide a new candidate early next week.
The stresses on the survival of the two blocs map senior positions unchanged by two deputies, two for each of the president, parliament and three deputy prime ministers. The Liberals said that on behalf of the Prime Minister and the Republic of the share and the share of the citizen, the last confirmed that it adheres to the post of deputy prime minister, which means that no further presidential positions to state law.
And helped elect a speaker and two deputies, in Tuesday’s session, to break the political deadlock that has led to the failure of two parliamentary commissions. And full of the Iraqi parliament session, a package surprises of “high caliber”, and came loaded with political messages, both internally and externally, which forced Prime Minister outgoing Nuri al-Maliki, leaving the lair of the legislature, at the request of the National Coalition leader, Ahmed Chalabi, in a scene carries highly symbolic, as well as a nomination for the vice-presidency of the parliament themselves and deputation Unlike political consensus. Not only did Chalabi’s claim to leave al-Maliki, but has about a sudden go out on a “consensus” of the Shiite bloc, when he ran for the post of First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, where he succeeded in preventing Haider Abadi, candidate of the ruling al-Maliki, win, and then returned and withdrew his candidacy to make way for his election in accordance with the initial consensus within the National Alliance, revealing through it for the ability of Maliki’s opponents on the secondary disable any agreement, and highlighting the numerical weight of the coalition in parliament.
And confirms the bright Naji, a member of the Liberal bloc said in a statement the “long”, that “Iraq’s interests require the replacement of Nuri al-Maliki and the non-renewal of his third term,” he said, adding that “the nomination of a prime minister from the National Alliance needs to admissibility of all the political blocs and religious authority.” He said, “What we want in the coming period is the formation of a consensus government in line for resolving all the problems encountered in their work.”
And on the distribution of positions of large, says Naji it “will be distributed according to what I got any political bloc of parliamentary seats,” noting that “the position of first vice-presidency of the Council of Representatives of the share of a coalition of state law and on behalf of the presidents and ministers stages will be the share of the masses of the free and the citizen,” and pointed to the “This distribution was according to the points of each bloc within the National Alliance.”
And confirms the head of the Liberals, “The Presidency of the Council of Ministers will be the share of the coalition of state law provided that the candidate Maliki and this agreed within the National Alliance and within the other political blocs,” adding that “the system of points will be deducted from the State of Law bloc will not qualify for Other government positions. ”
He continues, a member of the National Coalition that “the rule of law would only post of First Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives by virtue of their points that Ststnzvha Presidency of the Council of Ministers,” stressing saying “No state law on behalf of the Council of Ministers and the next Ariash Republic as well.” He also points out that “the distribution of ministries was not looking in earnest between the components of the National Alliance, but will leave for later.”
In the same context, says Hassan sarees, MP for the mass of citizens, “The National Alliance, agreed with all the block, including a coalition of state law, to provide an alternative candidate for al-Maliki early next week.”
The force’s “long” that “there is a rejection of all national political blocs to take over al-Maliki’s third term,” pointing out that “the political consensus reached to offer an alternative to al-Maliki for the position of head the next government.”
He denies that the force will be the National Coalition presented a certain price for the resignation of Maliki, saying that “there is a clear rejection of all the political blocs to renewal of the owners again.”
It notes the coalition member Hakim said that “the position of Vice Presidency and the Minister will be the share of other blocks within the National Alliance is the state of law,” stated that “the debate is going on within the National Alliance several names candidate for the position but has not been resolved yet and need time in order to provide people agreed on it. ” He stressed that “the deputy prime minister, will share a block of the citizen.”
He also points to the effect that “the National Alliance will hold a meeting on Wednesday evening (yesterday) to discuss the topic of resolve on behalf of the Presidency of the Republic and to nominate a candidate for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and deputies,” likely to “offer an alternative to al-Maliki as prime minister will be next week.”