Today .. resolved as parliament speaker and his two deputies in the parliament

Today .. resolved as parliament speaker and his two deputies in the parliament

7/15/2014 0:00

Today - resolved as parliament speaker and his two deputies in the parliamentSalim al .. for the presidency and vice Hamoudi closest first .. and the Kurds between Sadoun and Crown
BAGHDAD – Shaima Rashid
Scheduled to witness the hall parliamentary today at eleven am the third session is an appeal to the first meeting, which must be elected by the parliament speaker and his two deputies, but the situation is still hazy despite the presence of the names on the table by the masses involved in these positions, but it did not provide yet officially .
MPs of parliamentary blocs different varied expectations and their vision for today’s meeting between the optimistic decisively ordered the chairman of the parliament today and the other believes that consensus is still absent, and the differences are still ongoing, and it seems that today’s meeting will be a chapter definitively because there will be two options, either to resolve the matter and the start of parliament, its legislative role effectively or a failure Thirdly generates postponed again, but to the period of post-feast which will create a rift new between the Iraqi street and parliament.
was scheduled to complete the House of Representatives yesterday its opening session to vote on the selection of the presidential candidate and his deputies, but the President of the Age adjourned until today for not reaching an agreement on the designation of the Vice-President of the Parliament
MP for the rule of law Keywords stressed the commitment of the National Alliance in the presence of today’s meeting, referring to the lack of agreement on the candidates of the coalition so far, despite the continued meetings, saying in a statement the “morning” that not enough time for political leaders to resolve their heads about the candidates for the positions of the sovereign, especially with the public pressure and the pressure of reference, as well as the political challenges large with the country. ”
In spite of the criticism of MP to postpone the hearings that promise to “violation of the Constitution,” but that this matter gave the blocks a chance to talk to the candidates, according to his opinion, noting that this pressure impels Everyone should be elected in today’s session the Speaker and his deputies, pointing to the continuation of the National Alliance in its meetings in order to reach a final agreement on the candidate for the post of first deputy chairman of the Council.

adoption of the Constitution in resolving the differences

, in turn, MP for the Bloc coalition of citizen Furat al-Tamimi, the need for the adoption of the blocks Political Iraqi constitution to resolve differences between them, pointing out that the Constitution “is the only reference that will be through it out of the crisis.”
Timimi said in a press statement that “the National Alliance, the application of the Constitution as the largest parliamentary bloc to be accelerated in the selection of the post of parliament speaker and his two deputies,” confirming the return of the political blocs to the Iraqi constitution in resolving their political differences and proceed by following timings constitutional.
and House of Representatives had failed yesterday in the naming of the presidency, reference it to “profound disagreement, and lack of agreement blocs to nominate their candidates,” according to the announcement by President of the Age Mahdi Hafiz, who postponed the meeting until today.

Kurds undecided

MP for the National Alliance of Kurdistan Bstona Znca, has said the Kurds are undecided on their candidate for the post, the second President of the Council, despite their emphasis attend today’s meeting, ruled out the postponement of today’s meeting that ends decisively the position of Chairman of the Board and his two deputies.
said Znca in an interview for “morning,” said the post of second deputy is settled will be to reach an agreement between the Kurds on their candidate, who is going on between Mohsen al-Sadoun and Khosrow Crown at today’s meeting, “stressing the presence of the Kurdistan Alliance bloc, the five parliamentary session for the day.
noted MP to that all the blocks so far unresolved names of candidates despite the presence of the names on the table before them, but not agreed formally has not delivered to the President of age and this is what led to the postponement of the previous session, indicating that the blocks based on the National Alliance in resolving the candidate and on the basis of which will be named other names Because each position is linked to one another.
adding that the meetings held between the blocks behind the scenes to agree on a sovereign positions that will be resolved is meeting today, hoping to witness the meeting naming the Speaker and his deputies.

exclusion of resolving the issue of President of the Council

, it ruled out the MP for the Bloc National Hamid al-Mutlaq to be resolving the issue of the Speaker and his deputies during today’s session because of political differences existing between the blocks, confirming the presence of a mass meeting today.
said MP told the “morning”, said the National Alliance with him has not been decided is the candidate so far and the other blocs are still waiting Naming Alliance candidate for the names are displayed in one basket, unlikely to resolve this matter today.
said MP that the postponement of the meeting is a violation of the Constitution, but the offense the biggest fall against the Iraqi people, as did politicians agree on the candidates in order to end the suffering of the people, noting that the meetings will continue to be agreed between the blocks.
noted that the Federation of the national forces had announced Saturday his candidacy officially MP with him, Salim al for the presidency of the House of Representatives with the news of the agreement of the National Alliance on the nomination of Attorney Hamoudi to the post of First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, while still Kurds undecided on their candidate for the post of Second Deputy, who is challenging him all of Muhsin al-Sadoun and Khosro Goran.

no agreement finally on the candidates

for his part, the head of the coalition of civil ultra-Sheikh that the masses did not reach final agreement on the candidates so far, despite the presence of the names on the table, ruling out continuing hearings in session if Differences deep between the blocks.
said Sheikh told the “morning” that today’s meeting between the two possibilities: The first is that the meeting be held, like its predecessor, and defer to hold a fourth session, and this is a violation IV of the Constitution, while the second possibility is to ask the names of by the masses to choose a president and two deputies, and the job is done , is unlikely to put the name of the President and the Prime Minister during today’s session. He added that the blocks have not made ​​up its mind to now even Salim al did not nominate formally, either the first deputy, the dominant view tends to Hamoudi and the second deputy, the most fortunate is Mohsen al-Sadoun, indicating that the blocks as not to reach an agreement during today’s session was disagreement deep will be to postpone the hearing until after the holiday because delays fast will not be helpful.
noted that the political blocs have not been able to far from resolving the candidates take the three presidencies and was President of the Age of the new Council of Representatives Mehdi al-Hafez, had confirmed in an earlier statement that the differences unresolved problems still exist on presidencies three.
was the supreme religious authority, had called last Friday, the House of Representatives to not exceed more constitutional timings and speed to nominate candidates of the three presidencies, and the formation of a government acceptable to the national scale.