Maliki declares amnesty except blood on their hands

Maliki declares amnesty except blood on their hands

02/07/2014 17:33

Maliki declares amnesty except blood on their handsFollow-up – and babysit –
Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to issue an amnesty for all the sons of tribes and personalities involved action against the state of exception hands are stained with blood. ”

Maliki said in his weekly Wednesday that “all of the involvement of action against the state to return to his senses and Welcome to it and Ansttna one of them, even if it offended the State except those whose hands are stained with blood, as the avenger of blood is the one who forgive and pardon,” calling ” take advantage of this opportunity, especially since the security operation began to take its course and no one will stand against the will of the state and military security. ”

He added that “turning Daash to state succession is a message to countries in the region, which became part of the red circle, where she was Daash talk about the state of Iraq and the Levant and the day talking about the state of the caliphate in the region do not perceive any neighboring country it would be far from what is happening in Iraq.”

And between al-Maliki that “volunteered to fight the terrorist organizations is not of one sect after he volunteered thousands of people in Anbar, Nineveh and Salahuddin for the formation of the groups targeted presence Daash in their provinces, and this means that the issue is not a particular component that wants to defend the country, but is the cause of an entire people has been This was an explicit reference through a fatwa. ”

“The battle provided everything is a battle of security and protection of Iraq’s unity and identity and its citizens and its security and its economy, the risk of wave of terrorist aggression that trying to eliminate all the achievements made in the political process and democracy, and should not be believed one that there is an order in advance by the build-up security at all levels of armament and Almkhttatah and tactical and combat, because it does not stabilize the security without political stability. ”

The Prime Minister emphasized that “the battle has turned its data in favor of the will of the fighters of the army, police and Sons of Iraq who volunteered in order to counter this threat to their country, forgetting something called sectarian and identity after being put Iraq sights only and put the security of citizens and the protection of their property as a priority.”

He pointed out that “terrorists Aimitlkon goals in the face of a component or sect or nationality but want to spend the whole of Iraq, and we hope to continue the political process to protect Iraq and continues who are at its heart, and does not affect the security effort and the military to sustain the momentum of the political process that was what happened, including yesterday in The first session of the House of Representatives, “adding that” the presence of some of the blocks to the meeting was positive, despite a weakness McKenna we wish to be. ”

The face-Maliki, “the official state institutions and civil society institutions relief of displaced people who migrated Daash of places of residence in the holy month of Ramadan and in this hot climates, and the concerned authorities of the Ministry of Immigration, organizations, institutions and Red Crescent Societies to make an extraordinary effort to alleviate the suffering of the citizens to be provided to bring them back to their home areas and compensation for the damages caused to them, “praising” the media, which bore the responsibility and spoke with national responsibility for what is happening in terms of events was lining up media and informatics from the heart of the battle against terrorism. ”

Maliki called on citizens to “not to hear the voices of cacophony that question the advisory opinion of the reference and put them in the box of sectarianism, because that opinion represents the point of strength and support, and to assign to Iraq in general and the face of all those who wanted to exploit the events to exploit bad for the implementation of agendas and damage and targets does not correspond with the national objectives, noting that volunteers within Committee for the popular crowd must pass according to the mechanics of the process and not be volunteering random, and we will prevent any operations to volunteer to be outside the legal framework. ”

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