Several sources: Maliki will resort to the street in case they could not pass the third term!

Several sources: Maliki will resort to the street in case they could not pass the third term!


Several sources-Maliki will resort to the street in case they could not pass the third termBaghdad / Orr News

Sources political identical to social events and tribal and civil society organizations loyal to the rule of law and the head of the list of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is preparing to launch a series of marches and mass gatherings aimed at accelerating the formation of the Iraqi government’s long-awaited roam the streets of major cities in Iraq, particularly the capital, Baghdad.

A source in the coalition, the law stressed that “these demonstrations and marches come to use the public base of (the imposition of option facto) and the pressure on the political forces opposed to the third term of President al-Maliki to form a bloc large or the most numerous of the National Alliance to accelerate the formation of a political majority after the cut National Coalition to move the project after his first night yesterday over his decision to pull the candidate of law. ” The source pointed out that “these marches will be launched at a time when the coalition feels that the law does not benefit reliable than waiting for more time to join the others in the National Alliance (National Coalition) to the political majority bloc.”

The source added that “these events tribal and civil pro betting on the intensity of political activity demonstrations to bend my Liberal and citizens to go about their decision to boycott the third term.”

To the Shiite sources confirmed that al-Maliki is also preparing to launch a movement of the hand (League of the Righteous) in Baghdad, which will begin to organize demonstrations in conjunction with the spreading lawlessness.

The sources commented in the National Coalition, by saying: that the wave of protests this little decision resignation of Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser after the 1967 war and return to the tasks of the presidency and if the issue of war for power, as happened in the era of Nasser after losing Sinai with that we are seeing daily losses significant at all levels of political and human without any closer to the language of Abdel Nasser to resign. The source noted that “the experience if they succeeded in pressuring the political forces of the National Coalition, Iraq will enter the tunnel and the black finish across the provinces of wholesale and reluctance to participate in the government by the political currents task was not formed due to the inability of the National Alliance to penetrate the structure of interpretation Article 76 based on half plus one. ”

The source did not rule out resorting to the public through the National Coalition Similar marches in order to force the state law to comply with the desire of religious authority and the National Coalition and a half Shiites to choose the Prime Minister is agreed upon in the National Alliance.