Leader of the Supreme Council: State law failed to achieve majority government

Leader of the Supreme Council: State law failed to achieve majority government

Friday 30 May 2014 16:37

Leader of the Supreme Council-State law failed to achieve majority governmentAlsumaria News / Baghdad
The leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Fadi al-Shammari, said Friday that a coalition of state law “failure” of the government of the political majority, and as he emphasized that the National Alliance is the “tent” that will build on them to form a strong government, he explained that to stay within the coalition message to the survival of the political process and keeping unit Iraq.

Al-Shammari said in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “The State of Law coalition tried his luck in going to the government of political majority did not respond to it any block winners within the coalition, the National Alliance, and on this basis the failure of the rule of law in achieving this principle,” noting that “the state Law returned to the house Althalfa. ”

Shammari said, “The National Alliance is the tent that will launch them with us to establish a strong Iraqi is able to meet the challenges,” asserting that “any party to the National Alliance can not be singing out of tune and any other party to do so would be out of line to come.”

He Shammari that “the rule of law if he could get to the half plus one of the gold and the form of government and that is what could not be,” stressing that “the Liberal bloc and a coalition of home and all the forces of the National Alliance comprise second arm versus the rule of law inside the tent of the National Alliance and meetings going on and there are a lot of understandings “.

He Alkiea in the Supreme Council “We can not leave the tent because the outgoing National Alliance would harm the unity of Iraq and the gravity of the political process,” pointing out that “the National Alliance if it turned into an effective institution and be consistent with the decisions maker, what would bring political stability.”

The official Islamic Dawa Party in Kirkuk forgiveness Khader Ali was considered, on Friday (16 May 2014), that the Government of the political majority is an urgent need to lead the country in the next stage instead of partnership government, “lame”, in what was considered to be the prime minister past toward a third term with Neil state law makes it the first seats in the next parliament.

It is noteworthy that a number of political blocs announced recently, its accession to the coalition of state law, including the mass of competencies and the masses and mass solidarity and mass loyalty to Iraq and coalitions of Nineveh and Salahuddin, bringing the number of seats the coalition 99 seats, while the source revealed that the number of seats a state law increased to 112 seats.