Maliki appoints himself as prime minister for a third session and extends his hand to the Kurds and Sunnis

Maliki appoints himself as prime minister for a third session and extends his hand to the Kurds and Sunnis


Maliki appoints himself as prime minister for a third session and extends his hand to the Kurds and SunnisPalm – the language of the victorious leader of a coalition of state law and the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki political blocs of winning the election to «openness to the rule of law», speeding b «to form a government majority» advocated by since the days of the election campaign.

In an attempt to cut the road in front of any possibility of forming a government supervised by the biggest rivals to him within the National Alliance and two cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, Maliki said at a press conference in Baghdad after the announcement of the election results: «I call on all who won in the elections to openness to the rule of law and to accelerate the House of Representatives to convene a meeting to form a majority government, the majority of any understanding on the program ».

Maliki confirmed that «National Alliance is who will form the government, and will run the largest component within the coalition head the next government», adding that «the demands of the Kurds and the rest of the political blocs will be a prayer that is answered in the case and agreed to the Constitution, pointing out that« chooses the role of the opposition in Parliament is to contribute In terms of state-building exercise supervisory role, not to put sticks in the spokes of the government ».

Maliki called that «those who feel it is unfair in what happened from the results, he should resort to proper methods and legal, as did a coalition of state law and the announcement comes Maliki that the largest component within the National Alliance is run as a confirmation that he is the only candidate from the premise that the rule of law ( 93 seats) is the largest component within the Shiite alliance, which means that it cut the road in front of completely raises the possibility that all of al-Hakim al-Sadr or their candidates for prime minister against the candidate of the rule of law (according to the opinion of some).

In this context, the member of the Iraqi parliament from the Sadrist movement of quitting in a media statement that «the right of any party to claim entitlement electoral act on the basis of which, but not all of the wishes or ask him something that can be enjoyed by».

He added that «talk through the media is not what is going to talk behind the scenes or in small meetings», pointing out that «National Alliance, this time it will be completely different from the last period, so we set out specifications next prime minister in a different way, and in light of this specification, it can Maliki to compete on the job, just as we have in the Sadrists and the Supreme Council candidates for this position ».

The Zamili that «approach the change called for by the reference and called for the people requires dealing a different way with how they can from which to form the next government, and in response to a question on the eight set up by the National Alliance, with the aim of restructuring, said Zamili that« the Commission continues to work normally and will up to an inevitable result in the re-cohesion of the National Alliance through a system of internal real and therefore it is no longer acceptable to follow the policy of imposing conditions and attitudes ».

As if out-Maliki of the National Alliance in the case did not run for a third term Will the rest of the blocks sticking to it, said Zamili: «We are working on making the National Alliance Foundation strong, cohesive, and any party to come out of it does not affect him even if it was able to collect a majority and form the government with other parties ».

For her part, the National List led by Iyad Allawi, that there is agreement that there is no third term, regardless of the results. Said Hadi Dalimy media advisor to the leader of the list that «the position of the national theme of the third term is settled, which are shared by the political blocs known which announced a clear position in this direction», adding that «past experience were not successful at all, and therefore can not be the one to think so, What we want to emphasize is that we want to change the political approach because we do not want a repeat of crises and the impact of the tragedy on the Iraqi people over the past years, which is why we desperately need a new government and the powerful are able to implement the program being agreed upon by all parties within the framework of partnership real ».