Allawi declares victory list Iraqi elections

Allawi declares victory list Iraqi elections


Allawi declares victory list Iraqi electionsPalm – Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, head of the National Coalition (president of the Iraqi list) in the Iraqi parliament, that the mass is the winner in the legislative elections held in April / April.

He said Allawi, who is currently in London, he was confident through several indicators that his bloc won a majority of seats in Parliament and became able to form a new Iraqi government after the results are announced officially.

Allawi stressed his intention to form a national government under his leadership or whether headed by other members of the winning bloc, the duties to meet the demands of the people based on national partnership away from the majority, according to him, unless it interferes Iran.

He said that some of the neighboring countries is putting pressure on a lot of different directions of Iraqi politicians to ensure that the Prime Minister outgoing Nuri al-Maliki, a third term, adding that al-Maliki depends on them and uses them to form the next government, as he put it.

Maliki says his part, he won the majority of seats that qualify to enter into alliances with other blocs to form a government of political majority, but many of his constituents began to draw him criticism, and accuse him of retreating to his campaign promises after comments his new announced his readiness to form a government alliances (quotas) beyond the idea of ​​government the majority.

Allawi said, in response to a question about Muqtada al-Sadr, leader of the Sadrist movement and whether it actually will respond to pressure the Iranians to return to the National Alliance, as the old and re-election of al-Maliki as the next government, said that, Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr is located in Lebanon, not in Iran, and that he went there to avoid pressure Iranian him. He stressed that “fixed on his chest” to refuse renewal of the owners.

Allawi said, referring to the election, that success is linked to the exit of the tunnel Iraq sectarian and regional balancing of the political process to be inclusive of all segments except the people of involvement in terrorism.

The voting process for elections to the House of Representatives were held in all provinces in Iraq, with the exception of some parts controlled by the militants organize Daash in Anbar, especially in the city of Fallujah, which came out of the control of the Iraqi government four months ago.

Allawi was voted in Amman sparking reactions criticizing the lack of presence in Iraq by his opponents, and he was forced to travel from Baghdad to Amman, Jordan, in order to cast his vote in the legislative elections for his lack of electronic card, which enables him to vote in Iraq.