Sources close to the reference: the next prime minister will be a surprise to all

Sources close to the reference: the next prime minister will be a surprise to all


Sources close to the reference-the next prime minister will be a surprise to allBaghdad / Orr News

Sources Najafip close to the reference to “religious authority is the Supreme is like a father to all, whether they are Shia or a year and all Muslims in Iraq, which is eager to everyone, and therefore it is out function legitimacy invites everyone at this stage to be on their way a real direction of change, It is not elected who was responsible for the deterioration of the security services and the economy and even the foreign relations of the country with its regional “, noting that” it is clear to people where it is in the light of all this failure, the stand on the fence, or a distance of one does not mean looking at the good and bad from the perspective of one “.

And on the advisory opinion of the op-Najafi, which seemed inconsistent with what was announced by al-Sistani to invite people to the freedom of choice with the election of the fittest, sources said that the “fatwa issued by Sheikh Bashir al-Najafi, not inconsistent with the advisory opinion of Mr. Sistani; Because references adults have shown since the establishment of this government is unhappy with the situation, and called for Friday sermons, performed by Matmdo reference to change the policies of the government, but to no avail, and therefore there are only a means of elections and change. ”

She explained that the “reference on the lookout for the reality of the country and the people and reach them through their agents are continuing reports of all, they are all familiar with what is going on and rejecting the current situation.” She stressed that “things will change, and the world will be surprised the next Prime Minister, as the al-Maliki will not get the third term after these positions explicit references adult.”

The fatwa issued by religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Bashir al-Najafi (one references the Big Four in Najaf along with Ali al-Sistani and Muhammad Said al-Hakim and Ishaq al-Fayad) prohibiting the election of the prime minister and the leader of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki in parliamentary elections, created a sensation in Shia circles.

Despite the special status enjoyed by the religious authority to make them immune from criticism and blame, the fatwa Najafi comes at a time killer rally Maliki it through his coalition (state law) to obtain the largest amount of votes in order to facilitate him to form the next government, which is now called in circles Iraqi political and popular third-term.

But the fatwa Najafi seemed consistent with the aspirations and wishes of the masses of the rival Shi’ite State of Law coalition in the electoral environment itself, the central and southern governorates. In this context, and despite the silence of the Sadrists about the fatwa Najafi, Iraqi politician said, asking not to be identified, said that “the reference institution as it moves in coordination and understanding, there is not any difference or gap between the references of bone in Najaf, and I think that this position, which emerged from the reference stems fear of what is going on in the country of rampant corruption, war, lawlessness and injustice. ” He added: “We have made a big mistake with affray great reference that are respected, and protected the religion and denomination in the country for more than a thousand years, and it will exceed reward losers and failures.”

He added that “the reference Sheikh al-Najafi interested for many years, including being in the country as he watched things, has been found, by my estimation, that things have reached a dangerous stage on the new political situation in the country, democracy and the reference in Najaf and all Iraqis as a result of corruption and lawlessness and political failure and injustice in all areas of life. ”