Kurdish lawmaker holds the government responsible for the legal errors in the budget and the delay in approval

Kurdish lawmaker holds the government responsible for the legal errors in the budget and the delay in approval

Friday, April 4 / April 2014 11:11

Kurdish lawmaker holds the government responsible for the legal errors in the budget and the delay in approval[Baghdad where]

He said the Kurdistan Alliance MP Hamid Buffy the delay caused by the budget “do not bear responsibility for the government’s mistakes and gross and legal points of disagreement and controversy, which included,” noting, that there is a blackout on the real reasons in this regard. ”

He said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that: “There is no doubt that the budget task and respect her with all citizens and all areas, and it must coordinate the federal government to work on prepared with all stakeholders, particularly the local governments in the regions and provinces, and must be to balance economic goals clear everyone is seeking to achieve through the implementation of the budget, and must not marginalize any component or any territory in the process of organizing and arranging the budget. ”

He Buffy: “The current budget as well as the problems with the Kurdistan region of which impose produce a certain amount of oil outside the possibilities and capabilities of the region, and put sanctions on the people of Kurdistan in cases unrelated to the people, and non-payment of dues Peshmerga and wages of the oil companies, and not accepting the participation of the region and his representatives in the preparation of this law that matters commanded everyone, Increasing on there technical problems and Marqlat administrative and legal difficulties and financial crises many real in this budget, all of which indicate that the budget really did not organize is as it should according to the Constitution and the law. ”

And: “that of the technical problems in the budget bill for 2014 that should have been arriving in the House of Representatives on schedule legally [on the tenth of the tenth month of 2013] under paragraph 2 of Section 4 of Appendix A of the Financial Administration Act and Debt General No. 94 of 2004, but he arrived to the Council for the first time in 16 of the first month of the year [2014], and the second amendment arrived on 29 January 2014 and the third amendment on 18 February, and the Fourth Amendment arrived on 4 March 2014 after one hundred and twenty days ahead of schedule and where problems are myriad, according to the official statement issued by the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, and according to the official report of the Finance Committee parliamentary submitted to the Council, so that the Iraqi government is bearing the brunt of delay budget bill and disrupt the interests of the state and citizens proceedings intersecting with the Constitution and the violation the law. ”

He explained: “The budget does not have the goals of economic, developmental, clear, one-fourth of Iraq’s population now live below the poverty line, we do not find any development in any province, despite the fact that Iraq’s budget is the largest and the largest in the history of the country at all, and that the budget relies on oil for more 95% of them, and this defect is too big as it needs to be diversifying the sources of the budget, because of any defect in the amount of oil production or export it presents a setback for the Iraqi economy and the collapse of a large great detriment of everyone. ”

He pointed out: “The price of a barrel of oil estimated in the budget, b [90] dollars, which is a high price relative to the price custodial and Mahtath In light of the volatile and expected volatility, as well as the amount of oil exported an estimated three million four hundred thousand barrels, and this amount is above the power and potential of Iraq and its programs and its export at the moment and in the current circumstances, it was to be a reduction of the price and quantity, for fear of prices and quantities to lower potential will enter Iraq in an economic crisis. ”

He added: “The expansion in the development of large allocations of the federal government and linking institutions by a non-federal at all and they are all at the expense of the citizens in the regions and governorates that are not organized in a region, Fajtsasat federal government confined to just nine points by Article [110] of the constitution of 2005, The joint between them and local governments defined in Article [114], so what has been allocated in the current budget [and sovereign expenditure] are very large amounts too, and enough quarter of what has been allocated in the event of its commitment to its mandate of exclusive and shared, and they do not exceed the powers of local governments and public funds which has the sanctity of the Constitution and by Shara. ”

He stressed that: “The situation allocations very little for the development of the regions and governorates that are not organized in a region, so that they are not enough to achieve the interests of the citizens, no doubt that the most important features of Federal Regulations democracy and decentralized management is the distribution of powers and resources to citizens through their institutions of local elected and legitimate, and should not be allocated for the development of regions and provinces less than half of the budget, so that local governments in the provinces of establishing infrastructure and providing various services and the provision of security and well-off, happy and free and dignified life for its citizens. ”

He pointed out: “What has been allocated for the investment budget are very few compared to the budget, operational and this defect substantial financial, can not build a country with this mistaken policy is economic. Not in this budget, development plans and projects, structural and investment programs ambitious contribute to building the financial capacity of the state and a strong economy active “.

And: “The deficit in the budget [which was announced and what will come from the possibility of a low price or quantity exported .. and what will happen as a result of the implementation of certain paragraphs of the budget [in Articles 11, 12 and 14.18, and 24, for example] probably will increase to [60] trillion dinars, more than one-third of the entire budget, which is unacceptable according to its visions of financial and economic theories. ”

He continued: “The granting of the budget bill for 2014 in the article [15] and the Federal Minister of Finance the power to add assignments for the purpose of extinguishing advances from 1/1/2008 until 31/12/2013 [which large sums of money by expectations and speculation and that has been spent as a result of laws and resolutions of the window The Council of Ministers, a violation of the constitution and a clear legal because public funds have sanctity, nor can the Council of Ministers to grant advances unless there have allocations budget approved by the House of Representatives must customizations first and the approval of the Council of Representatives on the second, because it funds the Iraqi people. ”

He Buffy that: “For to fill part of the budget deficit, came in the article [2 / paragraph II / item b] authorize the Federal Minister of Finance the power to continue to borrow specified amounts of [IMF] and [World Bank] and [Islamic Bank Development] and these partial payments and modest, however, are things that are not true because the IMF does not lend unless the state that his agreement with them, as well as the Islamic Development Bank does not lend cash but through agreements for the establishment of investment projects, and that the CBI can not lend to the government directly for violation of that law, as the government can not intervene in the affairs of the Central Bank. ”

He explained: “The budget includes expenses for security and defense amounts estimated [24] trillion dinars, while monitoring the sectors of Education, both the amount of approximately [13] trillion dinars only, and for the people evaluating this matter, he should at least be a matter versa, and Iraq does not need to weapons of mass destruction and ruin, but needs to correct educational curricula and educational projects contribute to the construction of a contemporary human goodness, proper sanitation, far from the violence and militancy. ”

He continued: “The Iraqi Constitution affirms and requires the government sent the budget and final accounts together to the House of Representatives, but unfortunately even today did not reach the final accounts to the Council, where the constitution says the text: [Article [62]: First Cabinet presents the budget bill and final accounts to the House of Representatives for approval. Vallowao here F. brilliance had not associated slack. ”

He stressed: “The budget law [Article 11] does not include requiring the federal government should be conducting the general census of the population … which of its powers exclusive by paragraph IX of Article [110] of the Constitution. So how can distribute money to the Iraqis [fairly commensurate with the population distribution in all parts of the country, with the quota for specific regions affected, and that were deprived in an unfair way by the former regime, which were damaged after that, to ensure balanced development of different regions of the country] as stated in the Constitution [Article 112 / I] ? “.

Buffy asked: “Where is the money retained? Fbaatrav from the government that the proportions of the rate of achievement in its ministries and institutions does not exceed 50%, then the right of the people and their representatives to ask themselves: Where do you go unspent funds from the budget and replaced by?”.

And: “The Iraq Development Fund [DIF] in America, when about [18] billion dollars, and the day is not it is [six] billion Where I went billions twelve other, not the right of the people’s representatives to know its fate?, And indications are in Reports of the Federal Ministry of Finance that there are more than six thousand] project is estimated to cost Closed b [228] trillion Iraqi dinars, where are those billions? there is mismanagement of Iraqi funds in general. ”

He explained: “The flawed budget that came in. exempt government agencies from customs duties with the load of the private sector of customs duties in their business operations and contractual, as the budget bill passed in the Iraqi Council of Ministers under the big differences on many materials and without getting consensus forces and components involved in the government on the budget in its current form. ”

The seal Buffy saying: “The delay in the budget caused by intolerance to the government of its responsibilities and violations budget constitutional and mistakes legal gross and points of disagreement and controversy, which included, but unfortunately we find that there is a blackout on the causes of the truth of the delayed and misleading Iraqi public opinion and it hides the fact that the problems of the budget for the People and shortening the government and its negative role and violation of the constitution, in an attempt of power and followers climbing through the voices of citizens and reach back to the chair and the acquisition of money and on the capabilities of Iraq and its wealth and Theroana, and to maintain the political and administrative corruption, financial and raise money fitting and eat it and dispel unjustly and falsely, and the correct solution lies in amending the budget and reduce the problems and alleviate suffering in order to preserve the safety of the country’s economy and taking into account the protection of the interests of citizens, and obtained a national consensus and to be a balancing of the people and not only balance of power. “ended