Secret agreement between Erbil and Ankara: Oil for independence

Secret agreement between Erbil and Ankara: Oil for independence

Posted, 28/03/2014 19:27

Secret agreement between Erbil and Ankara-Oil for independenceAgencies – informed sources revealed the signing of the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Barzani during his recent visit to Turkey on a secret agreement include support for the efforts of the Government of Ankara Kurdish secession from Iraq in return for the region that provides oil and all its derivatives to the world through Turkish territory.
Said sources, quoting agency Ur News that “the two sides have agreed in principle to support Turkey’s efforts Iraqi Kurds to the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan and provide them throughout the transition period to judge the independent pensions staff and the conduct of public life and logistical support to the border and intelligence effort against the secret treaty undeclared been the signing of the first principles of the Iraqi Kurdish and Turkish Kurdistan that they should include all oil products to Turkey and then also to the world. ”

The source pointed out that Ankara has pledged to Barzani to confront the Iraqi government implicitly and by various means is declared and that is the Kurds where in the interface and confrontation in addition to the Kurdistan separate new will play the role of the Kurdish leadership in the Kurdish parts of the four and the confiscation of the role of the PKK against the development of a strategy of sustainable economic between the two sides and to increase the volume of investments and Turkish companies operating and expertise in various fields.

Barzani visited Turkey recently and discussed with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a number of files and most notably the outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil regarding oil wealth.

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