Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-20-14

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 3-20-14

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions/predictions3-20-2014 Intel Guru Delta SAY BYE BYE TO TURKI! [is that from Iraqia tv or your opinion?] YES…YOU WILL SEE IT IN ARTICLES IN 2HRS OR LESS. [this guy was appointed by Maliki …Is this a good move?] YES…IF MALIKI IS HAPPY THEN IT’S A GOOD THING. [how does this effect the RI/RV? Good/bad, postpone?] NO EFFECT. WE DO BELIEVE THAT THE DATE AND RATE ARE ALREADY SET! THIS MAN IS VERY SMART AND WAY BETTER THAN TURKI.


3-20-2014 Newshound Guru Millionday [Since the budget has had it’s second reading, when will it be voted on?] i am not sure — i find that the important amendments have been addressed and they still have issues they are working on with oil proceeds but this does not stop what CBI is doing with rates and the raise of the dinar so we will have to watch for the vote etc — the thing that makes me happy is the extension is may 22nd for fund protection — that means they are hurrying for a reason and the trade coming etc shows us that we are on top of the economic and monetary reform.

3-20-2014 Misinformed Intel Guru Bluwolf All past intents to obstruct this process for a lengthy amount of time has been cut short by the people who are watching out for the world’s best interest and ours. While with each intent there seems to some new demands, these excuses are now being cornered and they will in a matter of hours or days meet there deaths, for the Global Currency Reset is now a imminent go and cannot and will not be stopped by any. Everything is still intact and all are in position to execute this RV as soon as the administrator gives the official go. Imo we are within hours from receiving these blessings ( second, minutes, hours, days) please be aware and on alert.

Fact check, The Global Currency Reset will not occur, it is a myth and if it was implemented as some describe would destroy many economy’s including the U.S. economy.

3-19-2014 Newshound Guru Adam Montana With any luck, this is the “quiet before the storm”… it certainly appears that we have a solid foundation, and I don’t see any reason to doubt good news is coming soon.

3-19-2014 Newshound Guru Enorrste Article: “Maliki is determined to set his party leadership Keywords governor of the Central Bank” The COM appointed Turki as a “temporary” head of the CBI. Therefore it is my view that he can be removed/replaced with a permanent appointment. Maliki had him appointed because he thought that he would do what Maliki wanted. That turned out no to be the case. In fact, it appears that Turki is following IMF directions rather than Maliki.

3-19-2014 Newshound Guru Enorrste What does he gain prior to the election by putting his own man in the CBI? One possible answer is that he could begin the float… I’m not convinced that this is his primary objective now, or even his objective at all…In fact, an argument could be made that Maliki likes a weak dinar so that his opposition cannot fund a strong counter-campaign against him. …there is little we can do but speculate and it is probably wisest to “let it come to us.” Having said that, however, this could very well jeopardize our investment. Maliki is a wild card, in my view, and if he gets control of the CBI all bets may be off. We just don’t know.

3-19-2014 Misinformed Intel Guru Mnt Goat From everything I am hearing the Iraq budget is completed and signed off by all parties. It is waiting in the wings for publication in the gazette, this should have taken place last week. This did not occur. They are stalling this cause they do not yet have the GCR. We know that once it is published it will become official and fully implemented. So without the GCR happening how could they open the budget and begin spending the money at the new rate?

3-19-2014 Misinformed Intel Guru Mnt Goat Much of the budget is tied to reconstruction and the RV. So now once again they stall by telling the people that they are going to have the first reading on 3/18, then this too is postponed. How many first readings are they going to have on the budget? Are you going to believe all these phony articles they are now publishing? The fact is all the readings have been done and the budget is passed and is just waiting in the wings for full implementation, once the GCR occurs.

3-19-2014 Newshound Guru Adam Montana [What will happen if the Kurds do NOT agree to the budget and it is passed without their votes?] that’s a GREAT question! It actually ties in nicely with the stories about certain regions talking about seceding from Iraq. Baghdad does not want to lose the Kurdistan area, but they won’t continue to delay forward progress just because the Kurds refuse to come to an agreement. What I see happening is this: 1. Budget passed regardless of Kurdish approval. 2. Kurds throw a tantrum and threaten to leave. 3. Dinar RVs. 4. Kurds forget they were mad. 5. Everyone celebrates. 6. Everyone wakes up next day and starts bickering again. 7. So what, we cashed out.

3-19-2014 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Those who were hopeful that laws would get passed before parliaments recess…well today Nujaifi adjourned until further notice.

3-19-2014 Newshound Guru Aggiedad77 Article: “Rejection of official and popular decision to prevent coverage of the Iraqi parliament session for the budget.” The governor of Babylon expressed dissatisfaction that Speaker Najafi would not allow the al-Iraqiya TV channel to broadcast the reading of the budget live from Parliament…..stating that this definitely affects transparency of the government to the people. Other provincial governments also expressed concern.

3-19-2014 Newshound Guru Adam Montana [when this ‘opportunity’ first began, I understand that the people who were first on board have just about doubled their investment…However, since I got here 5 years ago, the price has been pretty constant. My question is : Could that initial jump be THE RV?] I have to say “absolutely not”. True, the exchange rate has only moved a couple pips over the last few years. In my opinion, that’s because when it moves, it’s going to move a LOT.

3-19-2014 Newshound Guru Millionday Article: “The Central Government and Kurdistan Region have reached a compromise over exporting the oil and endorsing the Budget.” Quote: “The two sides agreed upon endorsing the General Budget next week after settling the disputes over it,” so we should have a formal announcement of finally having a finish of the resolve…huge and great news.

3-19-2014 Intel Guru Frank26 [via anonymous] [Regarding the issue with Russia…Does it have any impact on the Monetary Reform and the IQD?] No. [What about the impact to Global Currencies?] Yes, It can have an impact…Russia can impact Global Currency Markets…but, they are not part of the coalition or the Monetary reform…In fact, Russia needs the MR as much as everyone else.

3-19-2014 Intel Guru Frank26 many things are waiting on the rate…and the third batch of Bonds are waiting as well! The “smoke” articles are to make the GOI look busy as elections are coming up next month, and they need the citizens to think they are busy doing important stuff….IMO, It’s just for appearance and they are waiting on the new rate just like us. IMO, the USA is in charge and working through the IMF…13 or fewer people only know the date and rate… the RV…it’s a political decision now…just wait for it. I-Team Reported that everything is DONE. It can happen at any time.

3-19-2014 Misinformed Intel Guru Mnt Goat …they (the Iraq GOI and the parliament) must save face and demonstrate to the people that they are still in charge of their government. They are stalling for time. The real truth is however they are not in control and this stalling will continue until the USA and the IMF stop playing puppet with Iraq and let them have their currency go international. This is now in the desperate stages since Iraq’s economy needs this to happen and to happen as of yesterday. I am telling you this RV has already occurred and has an official date of December 1, 2013. We are just awaiting the completion of the rollout to the exchanges and the general public. The final process of the rollout is a matter of timing.

Fact check, There was NOT an “RV” in December, the rate at the CBI is still the same.

3-19-2014 Newshound Guru Adam Montana A nice reminder that US protection of Iraqi funds is once again coming up. This could be a tipping point for us – last year at this time, Chapter 7 sanctions were still in place. It’s always been my opinion that those particular sanctions were a major component in this ride… well, as of last June, those sanctions were lifted and Iraq has MUCH less chance of playing the same cards they’ve been playing for so long. Delay in budget related to exchange rate: “… will lead to a problem in the Iraqi street against politicians and members of the House of Representatives…” That’s right, GOI – problems are coming if you don’t fix this! Lucky for us dinarians, elections force politicians to take big measures, and the value of the Dinar IS a big deal.

3-18-2014 Intel Guru TD here’s some intel I’ve just received: Daily calls for imminent RV status continues by many BUT fresh news I’ve obtained clearly indicates otherwise. In fact, most “EVERYTHING” is on “STANDBY/CANCELLED: status as we are now a month away from elections. “No media allowed” for recent parliamentary sessions was to veil the enormous division mounting between political parties seeking to gain power.

3-18-2014 Intel Guru TD (Is Kurdistan possibly breaking away from Iraq still possible & what are the consequences?) …the Kurds have basically decided that if Maliki steals away elections that they will break away. And yes it’s HUGE because of immediate instability it will create shock waves throughout the nation as well as a HUGE concern for foreign investors. In addition other factions like Sadr are waiting for any opportunity for break as well. Uncertainty will prevail, the CBI will become paralyzed and no body’s like the IMF, WTO will entertain any approvals. The NEXT MONTH is “dead time” and a Nation’s status is on life support mode till after the elections on whether Iraq will make any progress this year.