Opening of the first car factory in Iraq

Opening of the first car factory in Iraq

03/03/2014 18:37

Opening of the first car factory in IraqFollow-up – public opinion – was opened by Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussain al-Shahristani day plant assembling and manufacturing auto salon in Alexandria governorate of Babel, which is the first of its kind in Iraq and lay the foundation stone for the plant Volvo trucks in Iraq, in the presence of Minister of Industry and Minerals Ahmed Karbouli and representatives from embassies, Swedish, Chinese, Governor Babylon honest meaning and a number of general managers in the ministry.
Shahristani said in a speech during the ceremony that “countries can not evolve without national industries, and that the God of the Iraq natural resources of oil, gas and minerals in which they can develop industries in various forms and build modern factories,” he said, adding that “we Today we open the first car factory in this region, which wanted to terrorism, including the Nile, but Abe our people, but stand a chance in front of him, and work to build a new Iraq. ”

He noted that “despite the depth of the surgeries, vandalism and ferocity of terrorism and the policies of the former regime, which destroyed everything, but we are beginning to the advancement of the energy sector and complete the march, setting up factories and plants to produce what it needs citizen of vehicles and equipment and devices,” explaining that “the country should not depend on the energy sector only but we have to pay the big important sectors such as industrial, agricultural and tourist services and special attention for their advancement quickly because the Iraqis have suffered a lot of deprivation. ”

He pointed out that “the Iraqi society turned into a consumer importer per the requirements of basic life and that the industry has suffered a lot due to aging factories and they wear out, and some were using tactics primitive that can not compete with the evolution in the world, so I headed the government for the development of these industries and mechanical industry was cars and trucks in the forefront , praising the role of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals in the “completion of this project,” calling on the Iraqi private sector to “intensify efforts to set up plants feed the plant with all requirements.”

He said the “Energy Commission in the Council of Ministers and the government is ready to support these sectors because we want to have the Iraqis cars, trucks and tractors made their country.”

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