Iraq receives Apache accompanied {12} pilot U.S. soon and Washington plans to send {200} military experts

Iraq receives Apache accompanied {12} pilot U.S. soon and Washington plans to send {200} military experts to train Iraqi pilots

30/01/2014 eleven twenty-three

Iraq to receive Apache accompanied 12 pilots US soon and Washington plans to send 200 military experts to train Iraqi pilots{Baghdad: Euphrates News} announced a military commander in the Army Air Iraqi, that batch of aircraft Apache U.S. will reach Baghdad within days, accompanied {12} pilot, pointing out that the United States will send a {200} military experts to Iraq to train pilots Iraqis for three years.
The news agencies quoted for military pilot, who holds the rank of Major General, said that “Iraq will receive the {10} planes {ScanEagle} special reconnaissance drone, as well as helicopters {Apache}, which will be led by pilots, U.S. until the train Iraqi pilots on its leadership.” He said the pilot, who has not been named, said, “{12} pilot Americans and {11} technical experts are going to, led by aircraft and supervise their movements according to the data Sazodha their Iraqi side,” pointing out that “the Government of the United States would send more than {200 } military expert to Iraq to oversee the training of Iraqi pilots and technicians. ” and explained that “the duration of the presence of these experts in Iraq may last three years,” Michda to “support received by the Iraqi side of the intelligence and counter-terrorism the U.S., which monitors the locations of al Qaeda in Iraq , and share with us the information which enabled us to locate the gunmen. ” The U.S. news agency Associated Press, has reported on Saturday in the news, seen by News} {Euphrates, the U.S. Congress make way way for the United States to supply Iraq with military equipment new to help in the battle against al-Qaeda. For his part, Senator Bob Menendez, the Democratic chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Senate, he may prohibit the sale of Hellfire missiles they want Iraq for use in its war with the terrorists in Fallujah and Ramadi, indicating that the long duration set for the transfer of Apache helicopters to Iraq , was due to concerns of potential use to the repression of internal rather than national defense. among aides Mendez, who requested anonymity, said his objections to the sale of missiles fell after receiving assurances that the State Department as a result of the monitoring of reality about the possibility of selling the planes soon. , the United States has announced the fourth of January current, all delivered Iraq’s missiles and drones to assist the Iraqi security forces in the fight against terrorism, as officials in the U.S. administration in a press statement, “The United States handed over the Iraqi government rockets” surface to air in addition to the aircraft drones to help in the elimination of al-Qaeda, which represents the common enemy for both parties. “ended m