Maliki: oil wealth can cover the budgets of Iraq for hundreds of years

Maliki: oil wealth can cover the budgets of Iraq for hundreds of years

12/14/2013 13:03

Maliki-oil wealth can cover the budgets of Iraq for hundreds of yearsBaghdad – and babysit – Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, said his government made ​​strides in the development of the agricultural sector and support workers in this field, and was able to get closer to achieving self-sufficiency through the cultivation and harvesting of some of the major crops in the country.
Maliki said in a speech during the opening of the union laborers and agricultural cooperative Arabs held in Baghdad that “Iraq, which was exported agricultural products turned into the first importer of all kinds of crops.”

He pointed out that agriculture has grown in Iraq and we were able to take back our farm, but he also said he was “still a long road ahead to restore full capabilities of Iraq and increase the product by supporting farmers modern agricultural methods and not traditional.”

He added that in the past year closer to self-sufficiency in grain and in vegetables as well, and this makes us to provide more support for farmers, noting that the Ministry of Agriculture has headed the development of this sector, but we have not only the submissions and stood with her through the activation of the agricultural initiative.

Maliki said that “some Arab countries ask for this agricultural initiative and the achievements and how it started,” stressing that this initiative was a simple idea, but have had a significant impact on all the increase in production in all agricultural wealth

And rejected al-Maliki said Iraq depends on oil wealth cam, saying, “We do not want do not want to keep oil countries but we do not want to be a farmer and the farm parallel to the oil wealth.”

He pointed out that the country that can not secure its food remains a prisoner in the event enable us to secure it, and we try life in this country, “stressing that” we do not want to drain our wealth of oil even though it is enormous and can cover the budgets in the tens of years or even hundreds of years, “… p / i