Sadr calls on Maliki not to run for a third term and that Barzani told him: If we pressure the state

Sadr calls on Maliki not to run for a third term and that Barzani told him: If we pressure the state Fsntalib

Friday, 29 November /2013 18:56

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Sadr calls on Maliki not to run for a third termCalled the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki not to run for a third term as prime minister.

The British newspaper The Independent has conducted an interview with al-Sadr, who was considered a vocal critic of al-Maliki, which holds responsibility for what is happening in the country, says al-Sadr, “Maliki probably not alone is responsible for what is happening in Iraq, but the person who is in power.”

He said al-Sadr “I think that Maliki will run for a third term as prime minister, but I do not want him to do it,” asserting that he had tried before and with a number of leaders eject Maliki from power, but “managed to continue in office with the support of external forces him “.

The leader of the Sadrist movement that “the Kurdistan region was able to accomplish a lot on the economic and security levels, more than any other region in Iraq, because there is much less corruption, perhaps because the love of their fellow Kurds in Iraq are the biggest.”

He pointed to the chest that Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani said to him, “If we pressure Maliki would demand the most independent state,” he was quoted by the British newspaper.

And across the chest of great pessimism about the future of the dark recently to Iraq, saying “There is a growing sectarian animosity between Sunnis and Shiites, and the spread of community among Iraqis on the man on the street level, which would then face a very difficult.”

He warned the leader of the Sadrist movement, “the risk of disintegration of the Iraqi government and the disintegration of the Iraqi people, and it would be very easy for any external force to control the country.”

The chest, according to the interview that the problem of government that affect their performance is that “officials are competing to get part of the pie rather than compete to serve the citizens.”

The relationship between the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki tense for years, most recently an exchange of accusations after the latter’s visit to the United States earlier this month, where criticized the chest, saying “he’s gone without taking ear or telling the parliament and without the advice of friends or partners,” and accused him “not to balance in his speech to the largest country in the occupation and it was better for him that seeks the help of its partners in Iraq instead of begging from countries that brought Iraq to the bottom of the abyss.”

Addressing the chest Prime Minister Commenting on his visit to the United States “will not be your transactions with the United States with economic benefit and you are fighting both serve the people of governors, ministers and others, and that you want a third term does not mean Tbrerk of your visit, which cost millions of dollars, he turned to the people and admitted Dafk and Pfhlk This is not a defect but a virtue recognition of error. ”

For his part, responded Maliki strongly criticize the chest, accusing the latter “the killing of Iraqis,” as stated in his statement that “the right of Muqtada to exercise the election campaign early, but it also does not underestimate the minds and memory of Iraqis who are well aware of the killing of their children in the light of what has been called [Islamic courts] notorious and who was taking royalty and bribes and participated in sectarian strife and the list goes on, as Iraqis remember the honorable also confronted firmly and strongly general al-Qaeda and the influence of militias Muqtada which wreaks of murder, kidnapping and theft of money in Basra, Karbala, Baghdad and other provinces. ”

And vowed Office of the Prime Minister in his chest and his allies cold “roughest” in case reply to his present, saying, “We hope that this statement is the latest in our response to Muqtada is allied with him, and that does not force us to respond again because it would be too harsh, the Iraqi people who the long-suffering of the dark era of the Baath Party, and the subsequent influence of al-Qaida and the militias, deserves our hard work for his service to be at the forefront of the peoples of the developed world. ”

For his part, called the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr in response to a statement from Maliki’s office followers and supporters to “rise above the reply,” and that they “advocates silent.” Ended.