Obama to Maliki in response to an invitation to visit Baghdad: next year might be out of your position!

Obama to Maliki in response to an invitation to visit Baghdad: next year might be out of your position!

Created on Saturday, 09 November / 2 November 2013 07:10

Obama to the owners in response to an invitation to visit Baghdad-next year might be out of your positionBaghdad / Orr News

Still visit of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to Washington, which was the end of October last year and lasted four days, occupying space in the traditions of the local community. Visit, which raised a lot of speculation about its objectives and conflicting information regarding the material cost and the time it took to meeting with President Barack Obama, winding ambiguity results as well.

Latest swarm for that visit to the effect that al-Maliki “made a formal invitation to the U.S. president to visit Baghdad, rejected the latter initially under the pretext of congestion schedule of domestic and international activities until the year is coming.” Says the source of the leaks, a “senior Iraqi politician” resides in Washington now, “after the initial rejection tried Maliki cut the road in front of Obama, and he continued his call by saying: Why not … wait to meet you after a year, to answer him Obama smiling: This date may be the outside of your position . ”

According to the source, “This speech, which was followed by laughter was mutual between the two men away from the eyes and ears of any of the members of the Iraqi and American delegations, specifically the road from their closed-door meeting room to the hall where they sat together to talk in front of journalists.” Leaks Iraqi politician who has previously served as a prestigious government years ago,, gleaned says the newspaper “Al Rai” a U.S. official Kuwaiti accompanied Maliki’s visit and briefed on his meetings with U.S. officials and a group of senators.

These leaks have confirmed, as revealed recent footage of the press conference held by the master of the White House with visiting Middle East after their closed-door meeting, Obama’s surprise Maliki during Msafanhma where English asked, “Is it possible to see you in Iraq?” Obama’s answer comes in the form of a diplomat “Maybe soon.”

And explain circuits control followed Maliki’s visit to the United States and reverberate in both countries, sudden-Maliki to host repeating his call to visit Baghdad in front of the media as a “malicious attempt to embarrass Obama, goal as evidenced by the way presented in the form of a surprise, is filming a public opinion that the U.S. administration continues to support for the owners. ”