Foreign Policy: 7 catastrophic scenarios make America feel panicked Saudi Arabia!

Foreign Policy: 7 catastrophic scenarios make America feel panicked Saudi Arabia!

Created on Thursday, 07 November / 2 November 2013 11:35

Foreign Policy-7 catastrophic scenarios make America feel panicked Saudi ArabiaWASHINGTON / Orr News

Magazine said الفورين Policy American famous in a lengthy report on two pages, anger Saudi Arabia and the deterioration of U.S. relations Arabia fast, quoted remarks, Prince Bandar bin Sultan in front of the French ambassador and some Western ambassadors about the possibility of turning Saudi Arabia into allies other than the United States, stressing the possibility that the affected deals oil and arms because of this shift, and it has not yet issued a formal denial from the Saudi side.

She cited the remarks of Prince Turki al-Faisal, which did not come out of the context of the statements, Prince Bandar bin Sultan;, which underlines the newspaper that relations between the two countries derailed. The magazine offered seven catastrophic scenarios, make America feel panicked of Saudi rage! She stated that the first scenario is that you Arabia cut its oil production from 10 million barrels;, which will affect the U.S. economy immediately, and threatens the economic recovery experienced by America now; and thus will cause change public opinion, the current in the United States immediately, memorandum newspaper that Saudi Arabia increased its production of oil at the request of the United States in order to plug excreted by the strong U.S. sanctions on Tehran.

She added that the second scenario is to supply Saudi Arabia out to Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, which owns the missiles with nuclear warheads, note that Saudi Arabia had financed the Pakistani nuclear program in 1999, in addition to visiting the Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz station stockpiling of nuclear weapons in Kuhta, accompanied by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, who turned against him the army, but now he is the Prime Minister of Pakistan, and have a special relationship with the Saudis, unlike that Pakistan want to store nuclear weapons in Saudi territory, away from the eyes of its neighbor, India, and in the event of an armed conflict with India would be nuclear weapons safe.

The magazine added that Saudi Arabia may build a new nuclear power station, will be accepted by the United States due to Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons. The newspaper reported remarks, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz in front of former U.S. adviser Dennis Ross in 2009, saying “if Iran acquires nuclear weapons Fsnhsal it.” She talked about the third scenario, which is that Riyadh may request from the U.S. Fleet leaving Bahrain, which are able to put pressure on the Bahraini government to a request to do so, which it did Saudi Arabia with the United States ten years ago, and removed from the base of America Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz flights.

She added that the fourth scenario that Saudi Arabia may provide the Syrian opposition with sophisticated weapons and very serious, and yet still listens to Washington, but it is likely to break the ban on dangerous weapons and sophisticated, and will send them to the Syrian opposition, in spite of strong opposition by the United States. The scenario V is that the Saudi support of a third Palestinian uprising, an issue that has riled Saudi Arabia permanently, reported refusal of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz to visit Washington protesters not to pressure the United States to Israel in 2001, an amount Washington that Palestine is the core issue and the task in the conscience of the King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz.

The sixth scenario is that Riyadh made Egypt Mstgneh for Washington, which was clearly evident after Saudi support for Egypt; since Egypt made a deaf ear about what you say and Washington, and ignored the threats and Washington. Either scenario VII refused to Saudi Arabia for the seat of the Security Council and rally Islamic countries behind Saudi Arabia, and the 57 state; since called on the Organization of the Islamic Conference to reform the Security Council and give it a role equivalent to the size of the organization and the size of Muslims in the world within the Security Council; Consequently, if objected to any of the five permanent members or America these demands within the Security Council veto, it will lose its reputation largely to the Islamic world; thus providing a fundamental reason for the increase of extremism and extremists against the United States and accusing the United States as an enemy of Muslims, which the United States fears significantly.

The newspaper pointed out that several analysts have ruled out that the Saudi Arabia this option; also because it has a negative impact on Saudi Arabia. The magazine added that Saudi Arabia sees the deterioration of American relations, the most important issue currently have, but in the U.S. too many thorny issues, anger Saudi Arabia is one of these issues.