Economist: Maliki needs the will of reconciliation more than arms

Economist: Maliki needs the will of reconciliation more than arms

Created on Thursday, 07 November / 2 November 2013 11:41

Maliki needs the will of reconciliation more than armsLondon / Baghdad / Orr News

Iraq commander wants more weapons, but lacks political sense, according to analysis published ever saw Economist. The mass-circulation magazine said that while Iraq suffers from the worst of times deadliest since the United States led efforts to expel al-Qaeda from most regions of the country 6 years ago, arrived Nouri al-Maliki, the Iraqi prime minister, to Washington on 29 October. Maliki asked for military help prevent the sinking of its security forces chaos of the country. Maliki permission in big trouble.

Has had the withdrawal of Iraqi forces, led by members of the Shi’ite majority, of a series of rebel cities inhabited by minority country Sunni affected. In other cities, forces weakened by the events of escape. He said senior Iraqi people on the eve of al-Maliki flew to the United States “to face the reality, we fail to security.”

Since April killed about 5 thousands of Iraqis, mostly bombings, however, Sunni insurgents launch attacks on Shiite areas. In the 27 of October, killing at least 45 people in Baghdad and Mosul.

The bombings occurred in Anbar. Two weeks ago, eight suicide bombers moved one at a time and is a remarkable achievement even by the standards of the base and attacked government buildings in Rawa, while the suicide bomber driving a truck attacked a checkpoint near the wetlands on the road to Jordan. The Iraqi security forces withdrew from major cities in Anbar, west of Iraq, such as Fallujah and Ramadi, and the neighboring province of Salah al-Din. And began piling up in a nearby barracks, but it seems unable or unwilling to disembark in to patrol the streets. In the volatile northern city of Mosul, impose heavy-Qaeda presence again, فراحت the pool of money to be able to be paid to its members.

Maliki wants the Americans, who withdrew troops from Iraq by the end of year 2011, equipped with Apache helicopters and drones, not to mention other military equipment. The aides stresses that “Al-Qaeda is a common threat to all.” In fact, the group responsible for a large part of the recent wave of bombings, which the organization of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, linked to loyalty to the rule. The Iraqis have also hinted that, in return for this, they could help the United States in its negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program, on the grounds that the regimes in Baghdad and Tehran have strengthened their relations to each other.

And Obama will strive to meet the demands of al-Maliki. Valmrouhaat in the initialization phase, as well as fighter jets , which are barely used against the rebels. Then that a group of influential senators has advised the American president not to help al-Maliki unless made ​​a big effort to share power with Iraq’s minority Sunni and Kurds.

He wrote senators, including Carl Levin, chairman of the Armed Services Committee, said that “the failure of governance leads much of the Sunni Iraqis to carry a weapon-Qaeda in Iraq, fueling violence.” Others Sorry on Maliki’s satisfaction with Bashar al-Assad and his regime in Syria. What Maliki needs much bigger than the weapon is the will to reach a compromise with his political opponents, particularly Sunnis and Kurds also. In the past year, the year of exclusion and hair growing by about harassment. As well as this, spread the crashing civil war in Syria across the border into Iraq.

In addition to its opposition to the Iraqi security forces, led by Shiite, rushed into the organization of the State Islamic and other groups to attack Sunni tribal militia, which had previously opposed the rule in what was known awakening, encouraged by the Americans created as part of a strategy of “momentum” in the year 2007. Fbmuaqh Sunni tribal leaders, convinced Sunni communities coup against al-Qaeda and طردوها from their towns and villages north and west of Baghdad.

But after the departure of the Americans, neglected Awakening estimated or another by the Iraqi government that renounces the features of the existence of any armed Sunni groups beyond the control of the central government in Baghdad. And the withdrawal of most of the tribal leaders are now collaborating with the Maliki government. Security forces have become, which is very afraid of patrols in the streets, carried out raids and gathering the detainees, which increased from the wrath of Sunni civilians.

He says one veteran foreign aid workers said, “What is fueling the conflict more in the moment is the presence of the central government’s security forces in Sunni areas, where stopping young people in the hundreds, and tortured and then release them after paying the money.” This factor adds that “you can see a benefit from the rule and intensive presence of the armed forces.” فالعداء not sectarian government only; but is also a result of the government’s failure to do so much for its citizens, and foreign aid workers say. Electricity supply is cut off and the scourge of corruption make things worse.

At the same time, you often find a dysfunctional government and parliament often fails to pass vital laws. Maliki was incapacitated, since his re-election by more than three years, the appointment of the interior minister or defense minister, so claimed oversees both ministries himself.