Baghdad is the most powerful Washington’s Arab allies but the Obama administration neglected

American writer: Baghdad is the most powerful Washington’s Arab allies but the Obama administration neglected

11/07/2013 (00:01 pm)

Baghdad is the most powerful Washingtons Arab allies but the Obama administration neglectedTranslation term

American writer saw a competent Iraqi affairs that the United States should seize the opportunity now to fully establish a new relationship with Iraq, because this country has importance can not be ignored.
Trudy Rubin said, in her article in the journal and Ling Free Press, said the last time you visited the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the White House, in late 2011, is praised U.S. President Barack Obama on the progress made in the areas of security and political situation in Iraq.
On Friday, al-Maliki came again, this time seeking to get help in the fight against al-Qaeda violence that killed massive 7000 Iraqis in the year 2013, of whom about a thousand people have been killed in October alone. It will be hard to overcome this. And longed for most Americans, including Obama, to the output of the Iraq war from their minds. As noted by a group of senators from both parties in a joint letter sent last week to Obama, the “mismanagement” sectarian Maliki helped to create a climate allowing the base to show again. But the Americans are deceiving themselves if they think that they can ignore the turmoil in Iraq. We and the Iraqis are still Mhdodin to each other in ways understood by a small group of Americans.
At first and foremost, that the problem of Iraq with al-Qaeda are also our problem.
The rule that helped chaos in Syria, has infused her new roots in the areas adjacent to the eastern Syria and western Iraq, where he trained in these areas thousands of foreign jihadists who are returning to their homes and causing devastation in Europe and Russia and all the regions of the Middle East.
Says Michael Knights, an expert in Iraqi affairs at the Washington Institute, said that “this new Islamic Emirate stretching from the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf, and the Caucasus and Turkey to Jordan and Saudi Arabia.” He adds, “they are a continuous land of jihad without borders.”
Both the United States and Iraq shares in the security situation declined during the past two years. So that started Syria disruption, the United States withdrew all its troops from Iraq, after failing to reach an agreement on leaving a few behind in Iraq. This is what has hampered cooperation in the exchange of intelligence information, and efforts to combat terrorism and protect the borders of Iraq. Al Qaeda terrorists, who were sheltering in Syria, they are now free to go back to Iraq.
Of course, the rejection of al-Maliki year demands for more power-sharing in the Shi’ite-led government helped open the door for terrorists. (And his speech at the U.S. Institute of Peace on Thursday, which denied committing any guilt were not encouraging.)
As we have seen in Syria, Al-Qaeda ingenious manipulation sectarian policy among the Arabs for the purpose of obtaining a foothold. What is happening to the insufficient amount of attention is the negative role of management in accelerating Iraq’s slide to the bottom.
Prior to the withdrawal of U.S. troops, the intense American efforts to help mediate some dangerous conflicts between the Kurds and the Shiites and Sunnis. And the role of the mediator is still required. In April, helped by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden to defuse the crisis between Maliki and Sunni opponents. That these efforts should be more systematically to have an impact actor.
He says Ryan Crocker, former U.S. ambassador to Iraq, “We are strong corps in the Iraqi political system, because we helped create this system.”
Crocker, he adds in a peaceful climate of fear, Shiites are worried of the Sunni insurgency and militant Sunnis fear decline. He says that “to make concessions seen as a sign of weakness. Because it can not do these things themselves.”
This case requires a very attentive American administration in order to help alleviate the tensions. This he says Crocker, there was one visit to the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, during the past five years. Crocker says “are not Mtdkhlin, and that intervention is absolutely necessary to get the Iraqis to offer to do the right thing or do not do the wrong thing.”
But what form that intervention?
Crocker believes that the U.S. administration should help Iraqis strengthen their ability to combat terrorism existence of better intelligence cooperation, and military advisers, and also asks Iraqis, unmanned aircraft. For those who refuse to give them the drones, I say to bear in mind that al-Qaeda erupted schools, mosques, markets, filled with civilians in Iraq and Syria. If Iraq was able to strike al Qaeda targets inside Syria, it is possible that this saves countless lives.
But Crocker says that military assistance alone is not enough. He is believed to have given more attention by Kerry as well as telephone contacts the U.S. president is required to guide the movement of al-Maliki and Sunni toward political accommodation, and ensure fair elections in 2014.
It is strange that Iraq still could be America’s staunchest ally of the Arabs. Vmracbo regard Iraq such as Michael Knights believe that the United States has credibility among Iraqis bigger than you think (despite the fact that their relationship is charged).
Because of our association about each our past painful and common security threats, is to focus on building a coalition Iraqi and American scale, is vital.
In the end, move the from Crocker lips to the ears of Obama, said, “We now have an opportunity to build a completely new relationship with Iraq,” he adds, “we need to deal with the Iraqis as an ally, not leave them alone.”