Leaked from the Pentagon study reveals scheme eliminates break-Arab countries before 2015

Leaked from the Pentagon study reveals scheme eliminates break-Arab countries before 2015

16:33 06/11/2013

Leaked from the Pentagon study reveals scheme eliminates break-Arab countries before 2015Follow-up – and babysit –
This study on approximately 1736 A4 pages Ki_khis precise conditions of Arab countries, including the Gulf states; while containing approximately 1,900 pages of the most important research and studies and recommendations which were conducted according to the analyzes of the field supported in these reports; and carried out by institutes and universities and political centers of military and so on .

The study also includes supervised by 4 units of 120 expert search political and military strategist, most of them American citizenship include a number of proposals and scenarios supposed suspended applied to the target until the end.

Classified study of the Iranian army and the Syrian army and the Egyptian army and the Saudi army and the Pakistani army as the strongest armies, which has an arsenal of weapons after the Iraqi army previously; In research component of the 432 page study pointed out how to break up these armies in preparation for the occupation of their country as a step to later; and so neutralize the Pakistani army, while refer to the army Syrian that drained to the end of February 2013; study also refers to the technique used in the fragmentation of the Egyptian army and fabricating enter into a confrontation with his people, including Sevith in less than 10 months.

Considering that Iran is an enemy strategically first class of the United States, they Stdkhalha direct confrontation with the Saudi army in conjunction with the war, the streets will be launched against him from Yemen, Bahrain and the eastern region; The aim of this war is to break up the Saudi army fully and weaken the Iranian military including can machined again according to the scenario question.

The study put more than 69 scenarios expected to face the peoples of the region over 750 consecutive days before the division of the Arab region (Iraq;, Syria; Egypt; Sudan; Saudi Arabia) to states and states the size of the UAE, Qatar and Kuwait.

The study is betting on successive successes with short-term and attributes it to a split ideological, intellectual and ethnic and sectarian reached the extent of radicalization peoples of the region.

The study indicates the names of military and political figures, businessmen and lobbies specific trusted by the people inside the Gulf, Egypt and Syria in particular they assist them in ways that directly and indirectly to achieve the goal.

The study described the current stage of the Arab region as best suited to attack under severe glut to some countries and concern for each other in that procedure.

Developed a study in 214 Page forecasts for the reaction if the division of the Arab world to states including a Kurdish state and the upper and Druze areas of the Christians and the United Shiite different denominations; also predicted more scenario for the development of the Kaaba and the Prophet’s Mosque and the reaction emotional تجاههما of the Turkish people and the Indonesian and Pakistani and others.

Contained in a 600-page study ways anesthesia slogans peoples of the Arab Spring revolutions and the media invasion by more than 38 video and audio channel is the social networking sites.

Next depends planned funded on الاستنزافات that the pay of some countries against each other and balances frozen States which ended its leaders or businessmen Add to default budgets established in advance.

Focused solutions and scenarios presented in the study on the non-interference of the Parties to the European and American affairs Arab region directly to the 2015 where grade-hour.

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