The former ambassador calls on Obama to move before the “disintegration of Iraq”

Washington does not comment on the urgency of Baghdad on reinforcing .. The former ambassador calls on Obama to move before the “disintegration of Iraq”

11/04/2013 (00:01 pm)

The former ambassador calls on Obama to move before the disintegration of Iraq translation term

Discuss U.S. President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki how to confront the movements of al-Qaeda “most active” in the country but did not speak for supplying Iraq with weapons demanded by al-Maliki has since months, but the point premier said Obama stressed the importance of the existence of Iraq has a democratic system and a more comprehensive and did not speak for Help new military to Iraq.
Following the talks at the White House, after nearly two years of departure of the last American soldiers Iraq, did not reveal Obama for any new offer to provide military assistance to Iraq.
and Maliki’s visit to the U.S. capital is the first since 2011, and comes amid a wave of violence bloody level not seen the country five years ago.
reveals the joint statement issued by the White House after a two-hour meeting between the two men, the two sides American and Iraqi stressed on the need “urgent” for further assistance to Iraqi forces.
said in a statement that “the Iraqi delegation stressed his desire purchased equipment U.S. as a means to strengthen the links institutional long stretch with the United States, and the transfer of that Maliki asked attack helicopters, Apache and other equipment from the United States, but Obama did not announce any assistance new military to Iraq.
did not specify the Iraqi prime minister details requested help U.S. , but he said that his meeting with Obama was “very positive, and after the special meeting between the two sides, said U.S. President that” unfortunately, the base is still active and has become more active in recent times. ”
Obama said, “so we have discussed at length how we can work together to repel this the terrorist organization which does not work only in Iraq, but also poses a threat to the entire region and the United States, “adding that” the United States wants Iraq to pass an election law so that Iraqis can discuss their differences through political means rather than يعالجونها violence. ”
and said some U.S. officials that al-Maliki ignored calls from Washington to give minorities a greater role in government, at the time accused of many of the year-Maliki marginalized, which increases the size of resentment, which seeks extremists to exploit.
said the American president that the presence of a democratic system active in Iraq would honor all those who have been killed since US-led invasion in 2003, while al-Maliki acknowledged that democracy in Iraq “fragile but are very important,” stressing the importance of “the American role in the development and reconstruction of Iraq.” The Iraqi government also faced widespread criticism over corruption and the problems of providing basic services. And killed more than 5400 people since the beginning of the year, including 964 in October alone, which was the deadliest month in Iraq since April 2008, according to official figures published Friday, although military operations, extensive and tight security.
saw the former U.S. ambassador in Iraq James Jeffrey said such acts of violence “that could lead to the fragmentation of the country if it did not move Maliki and the United States quickly.”
Since his arrival in Washington, Wednesday, doubled-Maliki for meetings with officials of the executive branch, including officials of the U.S. Defense Department (Pentagon) and members of Congress, The Thursday called on the international community to “third world war” against the “virus” rule.