Bremer: U.S. withdrawal from Iraq was a mistake

Bremer: U.S. withdrawal from Iraq was a mistake and should be al-Maliki warning of the closure of the Political Department

3/11/2013 15:40

Bremer-US withdrawal from Iraq was a mistake{Baghdad: Euphrates News} counting former U.S. governor in Iraq, Paul Bremer, the country’s withdrawal from Iraq “was a mistake,” calling for “pressure on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to open a comprehensive political dialogue with the parties in Iraq.”

Bremer said in an interview with {CNN} seen by Agency {Euphrates News} today, “I think that the U.S. decision to withdraw from Iraq was an act amiss has been found Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki himself in a difficult situation, and with the direction the United States towards Iran, and the collapse of the state in Syria , and the absence arena, brisk activity al-Qaeda, and the growing insurgency by Sunni and found Maliki himself in the position to face it alone, which also affected the policy. ”
It is noted that in 31/12/2011 withdrew U.S. forces from Iraq under the security agreement concluded between the two countries.
Asked whether led to the emergence of al-Maliki in the form of a “dictator”, he replied Bremer said that “al-Maliki closed political circle, yes I did so, and the United States, in my view, to act.”
He added that “in my opinion should the administration should tell the owners will not give you any military equipment that did not comply with the reopening of political dialogue to include everyone, and it is particularly to tell him that we are looking forward to free and fair elections next spring and Thelma stipulated in the Iraqi constitution. ”
He said Bremer that “the current situation in Iraq , despite the violence, but it is better than it was during the rule of Saddam Hussein, “explaining that” even with regard to violence situation is better than it was during the twenty years of Saddam’s rule, and the socio-economic situation better, فالناتج total doubled eight times what it was during Saddam The largest proportion of Iraqis now enjoy the services of the state of drinking water, electricity and others. “ended