U.S. newspaper: Maliki did not get commitments from Washington because of its planning for a third term

U.S. newspaper: Maliki did not get commitments from Washington because of its planning for a third term

Saturday, November 02, 2 / November 2013 15:48

US newspaper-Maliki did not get commitments from Washington because of its planning for a third term[Baghdad – where]

Major U.S. newspaper revealed that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki did not happen during his visit to Washington on the obligations of the U.S. administration on armament because of plotting to take over the government for a third term.

Al-Maliki and the government delegation accompanying him had returned to Baghdad on Saturday after he cut short his official visit to Washington, where he arrived on Tuesday ordered an emergency according to a diplomatic source said.

The New York Times reported in an article today that “America has approved Iraq’s need for support through military armament, but al-Maliki, who is planning for a third term did not get on the obligations of this aspect of the administration.”

She added that “al-Maliki has become a turning point position between 2008 and 20013, where he was the first in support of the U.S. troops out now while he came to the United States in order to ask them military support to fight al Qaeda through the situation and armament”.

The newspaper pointed out that “the Iraqi prime minister is a key factor in fueling the current violence and the reason he is given impetus to the base Bouklavath with the year and give them a justification to feel excluded, as well as through its differences with the Kurds, causing the incision and unity of the country so that Iraq has become now away from the unit through the political differences . ”

The newspaper said “Due to the authoritarian tendency in the two states can not be trusted to give him a deal what weapons did not adopt transparent policy to include everyone in order to ensure that the next elections will be fair and democratic.”

The al-Maliki met yesterday with U.S. President Barack Obama at the White House as he met with his deputy Joe Biden and senior leaders and U.S. officials to discuss cooperation in the fight against terrorism and activating the strategic framework agreement.

Maliki announced after meeting Obama near the signing of the purchase of combat helicopters of the type [Apache] different weapons and information systems and intelligence to fight terrorism.

He has talked in a speech elongated in the U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington last Thursday answered the question journalist about his intention to dissect the same State Iiilh for prime minister replied, “I do not know the justification for this question and this is up to the Iraqi people do not want to anticipate things, whether the nomination or re-nomination site as tired and mischievous and destructive, but Iraq’s interest above the interest of the person, and decide is the people and the will of the people loved the change and change is good, I would be happy doing. “is over.