Maliki Calls To Stimulate The Private Sector

Maliki Calls To Stimulate The Private Sector



BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq – Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to revitalize the role of the private sector, and said that the state does not rise without the participation of the private sector, hello a greater role for the sector in various areas of work and investment, particularly in the field of electricity, oil and agriculture.

Stressed when Astkablh today a number of businessmen and traders Iraqis in the National Business Council. convert the Iraqi economy from a central depends on the public sector to a market economy does not need laws and regulations, but also also needs to change in culture and approach that raised him Iraqis, including officials in the state.

their part made Men Business picture of the role of the private sector in various areas of the Iraqi economy, and they said they had entered for the first time in the fields of electricity, oil filter and various industries, but they are still at the beginning of the road, and called on government to assign to activate their role.