Iraq: We are sitting on billions of barrels of oil, but we are lacking clean water


Iraqi ambassador in the United States Lukman FailyBaghdad / File News: called the Iraqi ambassador in the United States Lukman Faily, Saturday, the United States to assign Iraq and help him to overcome the difficult conditions experienced by and among that Iraq is sitting on billions of barrels of oil, it is emphasized that the Iraqis do not have access to clean water.
He said Feily in a press statement, said that “the Middle East ablaze and Iraq are in big trouble, like many countries in the region,” adding that “the country is losing every day between 20 – 50 people as a result of the terrorist attacks which brought the death toll this year to 3,800 people so right now. ”
He added that “America has interests in Iraq and it is not wise to give up their own investments in Iraq and leave them to the second best of do it Vachinyen or Russians who did not forget anything about Iraq.”
“We are sitting on billions of barrels of oil, but no one has access to clean water, so we need to enjoys the United States of expertise in water treatment.”
The Feily said in remarks to the newspaper (San Francisco Chronicle) U.S. pursued agency “News”, “We need you as partners in the burning area, and I think you also need us,” in reference to the United States.
He stressed that “the Iraqi government will ask the United States return of troops to Iraq,” adding that “Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has directed from his post as ambassador in Japan and sent to the United States a few months ago to carry a message: We need help in the government.”
He pointed out that “Iraq is one of the very few countries that offer a realistic reading of the region, but Iraq is still Aigro his political rights.”
He continued, “that could not Iraq have to do is field rehabilitation of government, he needs to help in the creation of the budget process,” pointing out that “Iraq will also need to assist in the field of health, education, culture, defense and social services and the economy.”