Disclosure of a joint conspiracy between Turkish and Saudi intelligence and country for the assassination of al-Maliki

Disclosure of a joint conspiracy between Turkish and Saudi intelligence and country for the assassination of al-Maliki

Published 12/08/2013 11:30 AM

Maliki Babinaoz / Agencies:
Revealed a senior Iraqi security source reported the presence of a big conspiracy planned Baath Party under the leadership required to eliminate Iraqi “Azza league” and with the support of al-Qaeda.

Quoted by Fars news agency Iraqi security source who preferred anonymity said: that the plot included the assassination of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and leaders of the Dawa Party and the Shiite alliance, in addition to the induction of the Iraqi street, the end of the current month. Stressing that the plot came with the support of the Turkish intelligence, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

He explained: the plot carried out by مندسين within the armed forces in cooperation with the Islamic Party and the National Dialogue and Hatem Salman and convicted to death Tareq al-Hashemi, as well as support the intelligence services of Turkey and Saudi Arabia and Qatar, while the included information concerns and doubts about the science the United States that plot.

He added that “the beginning of the implementation of the plot requires access to military force, heavily armed and carrying elements identities private, to the Green Zone, and go directly to the home of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in order to assassinate him, with the leaders of the” Dawa “and some leaders of the Shiite coalition, who are near the headquarters of residence, and in conjunction with other military force directed to the premises of the Iraqi Media Network, which represents the Iraqi state, to control it and transmit the data will announce the leaders of the plot belonging to a particular doctrine they are not of the first rows of the officials of the Ministry of Defense. ”

The source continued, “There are some indications that some military leaders known probably will announce its support for a conspiracy against the al-Maliki after making sure of its success and achieve their goals and then will go to the Jadriya to control (the headquarters of the Badr Organization and the Islamic Supreme Council) and the arrest and killing of political figures in it.”

According to the source information that he “will storm the headquarters of the Islamic Supreme Council by militias dressed as military coming from the session and the arrest of al-Hakim and some leaders of the Supreme Council and most of the elements of this secret of Fedayeen Saddam and al-Qaeda have been تخصيصهم this matter exclusively.”
He pointed out that “the military leadership involved in the plot has links “with Deputy Prime Baathist regime outlawed Izzat al-Duri,” was their earnings and pay sums of money and Ttmaahm positions high in the event of success of the operation, as well as the presence of other leaders have observations on the nature of the two modes of political and security situation in Iraq, and that is supports any move to get rid of the Prime Minister and some political leaders in the United Iraqi Alliance. ”

He explained, “will be the task of” Al Qaeda “carry out terrorist attacks peek against targets loyal to the owners and goals in the areas that are believed to respond to the plot, as will these factions to cut roads and attacking some security sites and prisons according to what was planned by the Baathists, led by Izzat al-Duri and control of the Ministry of the Interior and killing the leaders and officials. ”

The source pointed out that “the information and messages found in the area round the birthplace of the league, speaking the league to the leaders of other terms such as:” The day of salvation Baghdad, “as stating the phrase” honorable Iraqi army. “Stressing that” the capabilities of al-Qaeda “did not reach the level of strategic planning and has no regulation field capacity and adequate information about the Iraqi security services, such as regulation of the “Baath Party” led by the league, to carry out a plot of this size, especially since the documents that have occurred, however, organs of the owners confirms that al-Qaeda is eager to win satisfaction of the league and the Baathists because the al-Qaeda leadership in Afghanistan and Pakistan know that more than half of the population in Iraq are the elements of the Baathists and Fedayeen Saddam and the elements of the Republican Guard. ”

The source confirmed that “the security services found documents proving that the league has the upper hand on the leaders in the organization of the Islamic State in Iraq,” led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, so the latter is keen to gain the trust of the Baathists constantly because he knows that the logistical details and vital to the al-Qaeda fighters “in Iraqi cities subject to the influence of the league, in addition to the frequent meetings sponsored by the country took place in Jordan was the understanding of the security and military cooperation between the two sides was convergence of views to reduce the Shiite tide. ”

He said the security source said “some tribes in southern Iraq, a Shiite majority will move to support the conspiracy against al-Maliki and the current government and confuse the situation on the ground in Shiite provinces, based on the documents revealed that the league addressed some of the leaders of these Arab tribes (with precedents Baathist) that have a feud with the Republic Islamic Iran, as the former Baathists and former army officers will move in these provinces to oversee the implementation of organized attacks aimed at any troops heading to Baghdad or any (Iranian forces supposedly trying to cross the border to defend the rule of Maliki or the defense of the holy shrines and rectify the matter). ”

He said the “information refers to data initial move brigades, military inside the camps in Baghdad, but al-Qaeda may be preparing for attacks more dangerous and quality and it’s probably got the support of some leaders of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense to facilitate terrorist attacks sporadic targeting civilians often.”
He said that the goal Strategic leadership of al Qaeda is inciting sectarian strife to weaken the government, while the Baathists led the league do not seek to sectarian war and think to earn large segments of the Shiites in favor of the move against al-Maliki and the Shiite coalition and drop Shiite rule in Iraq. ”

He continued: “intensive meetings for members of the Baath Party terrorist taking place in the provinces of central and southern Iraq, particularly in Basra, Missan and Nassiriya, Wasit, Diwaniyah, where issued orders from the leadership of the Baath to Baathists effectives urges the return of the Baath, to create full of what they called jihad and revenge, and had previously been to obtain information confirmed that the parties belonging to the intelligence of the Baath Party (return) associated with a criminal league, has to take all the information for mergers officers in the Iraqi army and political figures and tribal leaders and follow their movements a day. ”

The source concluded by saying that he “will be the end of this month, the formation of a demonstration like Egypt, where demonstrations will be pitching tents to coincide with the occurrence of a large number of terrorist bombings in Baghdad as well.”