End of the month automatically begins to leave Iraq from Chapter VII

End of the month automatically begins to leave Iraq from Chapter VII


Undersecretary of the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry Khaled Al-Jarallah that there is a memorandum prepared to be adopted soon between Iraq and Kuwait to develop the northern oilfields and then direct extraction of oil in the light of this note. Indicating that the end of the month will begin Iraq automatically Belkrog of Chapter VII final.

The newspaper quoted Kuwaiti politics today Jarallah say about whether the Iraqi side has touched to the port of Mubarak Al-Kabeer during the visit of Prime Minister of Kuwait to Baghdad: not touching to this subject and the port of Mubarak proceeding according to plans drawn and there is no new about it and نتمى to start work there soon the reception of ships and spin the wheel in this vital port too, which will not be in the interest of Kuwait only, but also for the benefit of Iraq.

He stressed that “the success of the visit of Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak to Iraq all standards and were positive and fraternal, transparent and very frank was addressed to all the files did not rule out any particular file at all, adding that there are common understandings about these files that are related to the relationship of bilateral and brotherly relations between the two countries, and we went to Baghdad to turn the page on the past and to establish relations Makhrh respect, understanding and good neighborliness and common interests. “

And on what was said by Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said the amount of compensation remaining on the Iraq / / 11 billion dollars and the ball is now in the court of Baghdad out of Chapter VII to pay this amount may have once said, “The compensation is going according to its schedule and Iraq is committed to have paid a one-time or continue to be paid according to schedule until mid-2015

He denied “address or search on the subject of Kuwaiti debt owed by Iraq during a visit to Baghdad.

He Jarallah: When we say that we helped Iraq Yes, we worked with our brothers in Iraq out of Chapter VII-VI and this result in fulfillment of Iraq’s international obligations, particularly with regard to the resolution / 833 / and we expect over the next week or at the end of this month to begin the transition to our brothers in Iraq and exit Chapter VII of the final.

He pointed out “that the talks Kuwaiti – Iraqi touched on the situation in Syria, because what happens where a painful thing and a humanitarian catastrophe and therefore it was necessary to talk about him and his potential to get out of this ordeal and disaster experienced by our brothers in Syria.