Zebari: We lost the United States as an honest broker of peace; Government has failed to rise above sectarian differences

Zebari: We lost the United States as an honest broker of peace; Government has failed to rise above sectarian differences



Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Wednesday, that the time of the rule of Iraq by the person or one sect “has gone”, the get the government part of the responsibility for the failure and deterioration of security, “the lack of trust” between politicians, pointed to the loss of the role of the United States as ” honest broker “between the parties.

Via Zebari told CNN, pursued the “Twilight News”, for fear “because of the increased size of the terrorist attacks, as well as an increase in sectarian tension,” adding that “the country really is not about to drift to the internal war or sectarian.”

He admitted that “the current government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki failed in several files, including rise above sectarian differences,” pointing out that “the government bears part of the failure.”

Zebari said “I’m not here to give you a rosy picture or unrealistic, however, the state is not about to collapse, and I knew the worst periods of the current period,” returned “Violence is a direct result of the lack of progress on the political level.”

“What is missing is the lack of trust between politicians and we lost help honest broker”, adding that “it was a mediator by the United States.”

And on the load Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki responsible for the deteriorating situation and bear an important part of the responsibility and demand to step down, Zebari said “No Iraq can be judged by one person or one sect or one ethnic or party, noting” the time has gone, and will have to Iraqi voters in the future to change the government through funds. “

He explained that “the last cabinet meeting saw a very frank discussions in order to reach to resolve,” he said, adding that “there is a need for the government transcends above the sectarian tendencies and acting as Prime Minister Prime Minister of all components and not one component against others.”

He stressed that “take (the government) accounting procedures for violations of the security situation and the killing of innocent people.”

The political process in Iraq going through an unprecedented crisis as a result of the intensification of the differences between the various political blocs on the one hand and between the prime minister and the House of Representatives the other hand, as well as demonstrations and sit-ins taking place in a number of provinces (Sunni) against the government for months.