U.S. plan for the application of federalism in Iraq

U.S. plan for the application of federalism in Iraq

Created on Sunday, 21 April / April 2013 09:27

Baghdad / Orr News

Iraq division Political source confirmed that the United States is seeking to implement a new system in Iraq to resolve all political problems through the implementation of a preliminary plan for the federal application is granted for each of three adjacent provinces nationally and ethnically identical and given broad administrative powers.

The source said that “this system paves the way for the federal application form to be in the Iraqi constitution as a step to stop violence and to satisfy all the ingredients and political blocs.” The source pointed out that “the American Chamber of Control has insisted for a long time to go about this option,” pointing out that “the confusion and conflicts are in advanced stages of Washington’s plan to push everyone towards acceptance of the tripartite division as a viable solution to all the problems.”