Iraq has absorbed $ 10 billion in development aid

Iraq has absorbed $ 10 billion in developmentĀ aid


development aid

BAGHDAD / JD / .. UN statistics indicated that Iraq has absorbed $ 10 billion of official development assistance (ODA) during the period from 2007 2008.

The report said the indicators for monitoring the Millennium Development Goals evened the provinces and obtained by / JD / a copy of that total official development assistance (ODA) since 2003 to 2008 amounted to 10 billion dollars.

According to the report: that donor contributions to the United Nations Fund for reconstruction until the end of June 2008 amounted to approximately $ 1.3 billion after it was filed 33.097 million U.S. dollars, up slightly from the amount recorded through the end of 2007, which amounted to about 1.277 million dollars, however, it represents 98 percent of the pledges made by donors, warning that the European Commission is one of the largest contributors to the fund and deposited $ 565 million and Japan comes in second place at $ 361 million.

He added that the UN is guided in its activities in Iraq with all of the national development strategy and the International Covenant Under this strategy, there are four key areas for the welfare of the Iraqi people is to promote the economic growth and revive the private sector and improve the quality of life and enhance the security and good governance, warning that this Alastruthristih also emphasizes on Addourhr provide urgent humanitarian needs such as services essential such as providing water, schools, electricity, hospitals, and guided by the United Nations as well as the strategy signed in 2008, which placed the country team at the United Nations in consultation with the Iraqi government for the period of 2008 2010, which aims to guide the UN assistance towards promoting development policies all levels in Iraq and support the foundations of reconstruction and sustainable development and to provide assistance in the provision of durable solutions for humanitarian issues and the consolidation of the partnership between the United Nations and other development partners.