Detected three agreements to serve the Kurds in the U.S. Congress

Detected three agreements to serve the Kurds in the U.S. Congress

Created Tuesday, 09 April / April 2013 08:32

HCL, Obama's support to remove MalikiBaghdad / Orr News

Political source revealed early conclusion of the Kurdistan region confidential preliminary agreement with American dealers (Jews) to give them the right to invest and explore for oil and minerals in the region compared to shut down Washington’s support for the central government and Iraqi pass resolutions that are in line with the wishes of the Kurds in the U.S. Congress.

Said the source, who preferred anonymity, said that “dealers American are in fact (the Jews) have agreed in principle with representatives of the Kurdish regional president Massoud Barzani to support any requirement Kurd in the U.S. Congress and pass any political decision on Iraq in line with their wishes for the conclusion of three agreements in the areas of investment, oil and gas and uranium in the region. “

The source indicated that “Nearby coming period will witness a clear change in attitude on the part of the U.S. government toward the Iraqi government and stop support for Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.” The source added that “the U.S. delegation said and assured the Kurdish delegation that Maliki will leave and this his last term,” adding that “the Kurds said literally that the Prime Minister will leave and they are confident of themselves,” noting that “these statements came in conjunction with the visit of U.S. Secretary of State recently to Turkey, where it appears that the Ankara government persuaded Washington to change their positions in support of the owners. ”