Financial expert: money transfer companies doubling the share of foreign currency will increase the dinar exchange rate

Baghdad (newsletter). Anticipating financial expert as Hadi al-Tamimi, increasing the dollar exchange rate dinar during the coming period after the action taken by the Central Bank for doubling the share of remittance companies hard currency.

He said Al-Tamimi (News Agency): that the Central Bank will not remain silent before declines in the Iraqi dinar exchange rate but that it would take necessary actions to return the normal price.

He added that the Central Bank’s decision to increase the share of private companies to convert hard currency will significantly increase and stabilize the dinar value provided to control money laundering does not occur or the like

The news: the Central Bank will double over the next two days, the share of companies financial and banking transfer of foreign currency.

The Iraqi market has experienced considerable unrest in recent weeks in the price of the US dollar against the Iraqi dinar as the sale price of one dollar to 1280.

The Iraqi Central Bank, Sunday 24 March, new instructions on buying and selling foreign currency, according to the weekly quota for banks to sell the dollar cash $ 4 million of the increase and decrease in the share of money transfer companies, 150,000 dollars for companies, 45 billion capital and $ 100,000 for less than its capital.

The instructions indicated that the companies broker for buying and selling currencies that share downloads 50,000 dollars to companies with a capital of 500 million dollars, and $ 25,000 for companies equally, and that the sale and purchase of a foreign currency remittance companies and companies to buy and sell foreign currency through banks approved in Iraq