Journal: Washington fears of Israel’s use of the rules of Azerbaijan to attack Iran

30/03/2012 13:59

Beirut, March 30 / March (Rn) – The journal “Foreign Policy,” the U.S. that American officials are worried about the convergence of security and military between Israel and Azerbaijan, as the Tel Aviv may take advantage of this growing relationship in order to get military facilities Batshaddam rules Albeefkih Azeri in order to launch a military attack on Iran. The magazine quoted U.S. senior official in the U.S. administration as saying that… “Israel has purchased an air base, and this rule is called Azerbaijan.”  as quoted from three of the diplomats and staff in the intelligence agencies the U.S. that Israel has strengthened its relations with Baku, in order to prepare an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities. According to these, Israel got the permission to use the rules of the Air Force abandoned near the Iranian border in Azerbaijan since the days of the Soviet Union. U.S. official said the United States is closely following what is happening in Iran, but they follow now what you do Israel in Azerbaijan. The magazine said that he was the signing of the arms deal last February worth $ 1.6 billion, committed whereby Israel supplied Azerbaijan drone. and followed the magazine that the use of air bases in Azerbaijan would reduce Israel’s dependence on the aircraft supply fuel in order to launch a possible attack on Iran. She added that the United States is concerned about the increasing cooperation between Israel and Azerbaijan, fearing to be used Israel’s occupied Azerbaijani launching pad for a military strike on Iran. She noted that the U.S. administration fears that allowing Azerbaijan for Israeli fighter planes refuel in its territory after a potential strike against Iran and will allow as well as the crews of rescue Israel to prepare for such an attack before its implementation. said that the government of Baku had promised the Iranian government that it will not allow anyone to use its territory to launch an attack on Iran, and Turkey, she is also concerned about the development of military relations between Israel and Azerbaijan. From: Khalil al-Khalil. Open: Murtaza Yousuf