Squatting in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square demanding the adoption of the general budget

thousands of citizens staged a sit, Tuesday, in Baghdad to demand the adoption of the general budget, waved banners calling for politicians to meet the urgent needs of Iraqis, denouncing some blocs that seek to disrupt the budget approval in parliament.

The reporter said “obelisk” who attended the place sit thousands of citizens protested in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, mostly came from Sadr City and nearby areas, carrying banners and pictures cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, demanding to speed up the approval of the federal budget.

He added that the protestors chanted slogans condemning some of those who seek to disrupt the budget approval in parliament, called on politicians to meet the needs of the country, noting that other numbers of them went to the Green Zone for a sit-in in front of the gates for the same purpose.

He said among those signs “our rights edema in Rkabkm”, and “Why do you cut Arzak poor sons of your people oppressed, approving the budget cut for a living why would you want to kill us, we are asking the government to speed up passage of the budget”, “, and a banner reading” What Nnta right to thieves ” , and the other “You Erapettm our families.”

Noteworthy that the Iraqi Council of Representatives postponed, Monday, budget session until further notice pending agreement with Iraq’s Kurdistan region on the benefits of the oil companies operating there.