Disagreement between INA, KA behind delay of approving 2013 budget, says Bayati

Baghdad (AIN) -MP Hassan al-Bayati, member of the parliament Finance Committee, attributed the delay in indorsing the Federal Budget of 2013 to the disagreement between the Iraqi National Alliance and the Kurdistani Alliance over the items of the budget.

Bayati told All Iraq News Agency “The lack of agreement between the INA and the KA over the item of paying the financial dues of the foreign oil companied working in Kurdistan Region is the major hurdle that led to postpone the vote on 2013 budget during the parliament’s session of Thursday.”

“The Iraqi economy loses about IQD trillion and a half per month due to the delay of approving the Federal Budget,” he stressed.

The parliament has postponed its regular session of Thursday till next Saturday for lack of quorum.

Thursday session was scheduled to witness the vote on 2013 budget