Expert: Iraq is rich in minerals that will change if the economic advantage of its features are well

On: Wednesday 28/3/2012 7:57

Baghdad (news) .. Proposed economic expert, Abdul Sattar Hashemi contracting with specialized international companies for the extraction of minerals and investing, being a country with tremendous natural resources untapped, indicating that exploit optimally upset the Iraqi economy upside down and make it solid. 
Hashemi said (of the Agency news): Iraq is rich in natural resources that are.. not invested to now, metal phosphates, sulfur, mercury, and should be exploited and investment through contracts with international companies, solid and specialized for the advancement of the Iraqi economy and its development. He called for: re-activate the laboratory Iraqi industrial and development by providing the necessary support, they will be paid to the stability the economy through transformation of the economy of one-sided to multi-faceted, pointing out that most of the world’s non-oil based industries in its supplier annual report. said economic expert: The state budget, the current total (100) billion dollars and there are projects, strategy plays a big role to eliminate or reducing the rate of unemployment and poverty in Iraq, and the statistics of the Ministry of Planning refers to the existence of more than (40%) of the population of Iraq are the level of the poverty line and (25%) are without it. / Finished / 8. d.Q