Closed all areas of Baghdad .. Government stop mobile phone networks and seeks to cut Internet networks in light of the lack of popular discontent and rising energy prices

On: Wednesday 28/3/2012 9:50

Baghdad (news) .. stopped the Iraqi government, mobile phone networks in Baghdad and most of the provinces of the country, in preparation to stop the Internet, too, after being closed on Wednesday, all areas of Baghdad and prevented Iraqi forces citizens to leave the grounds to close roads as measures security of the meetings of the Arab summit. 
In Baghdad, more ten provinces of the government suspended the mobile phone, without clear reasons for not.. issued any clarification from the government or by mobile phone networks on the reasons for the suspension, which is believed to be security. 
at the same time trading Iraqis talk on the social networking sites for mobile phone networks shut down, citing to it is a step of closing in on the citizen having lived the past seven days, in the case of discontent to close roads and high food prices and transport fares. 
predicted Iraqis also across network sites social networking, that the Government provide step-by-another to cut off or stop the Internet, confirming that If there is to stop the Internet, life in the country will be almost non-existent in the absence of electric power, road closures and rising food prices, and off the mobile network. 
as expressed by journalists and correspondents in the Arab press and foreign news agencies, local and global deliberated talk with each other via the Internet for fear from the government to make a decision to stop the Internet, which could disrupt their work, and not being able to send news of the Arab summit to the media they work for. / End / 1. n.