Secret plan to assassinate al-Maliki with the participation of intelligence “Saudi Arabia, Turkey and..

Secret plan to assassinate al-Maliki with the participation of intelligence “Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the country” and inciting sectarian war in Iraq?!!


Palm – detect radio “Austin” Norwegian fear circuits European involvement countries Aqlmah to accept proposals for opponents of Prime Minister Maliki, led by supervisors sit-ins and protests in the Sunni-majority provinces, providing expertise and capabilities to implement the process of the assassination of al-Maliki and get rid of it and expressed this Aldoaúralgrbeh the expectation that lead such a process to the outbreak of civil war in Iraq.

Radio said, “Austin” in a report, quoting diplomatic sources in the European Union in Brussels that sit-ins and protests in three provinces in Iraq Anbar, Mosul and Tikrit, predominantly Sunni, exceeded the scope local and become part of the regional conflict in the region and Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar ridiculed great potential, to develop a mobility sectarian as “year” in Iraq down to topple the regime in Baghdad, like the project sectarian in Syria, which is based to provoke feelings of the year against the minority Alawite and which led to the entry about 60 thousand of the elements Salafist from Maghreb countries Alagrbe and the Gulf States turned into “an army predecessor” is the first of its kind in the Middle East that would threaten the stability of the region.

According to Radio “Austin” Van Western circles confirmed that the intelligence services belonging to the European country, spotted information from Qatar and Turkey, aroused great concern has confirmed that the Iraqi parties involved in the sit-ins, protests and allied Gulf Arab states and Turkey, asking these countries to receive the support of the intelligence services and access to potential to work to get rid of al-Maliki to the implementation of a process to assassinate him.

He added that fear large is convinced regional countries hostile to the owners and are working to topple him this invitation to filter Maliki especially after Pat Maliki when the Shi’ite majority leader firm rejects Turkish intervention and country, and this development, if implemented, would blow a civil war in Iraq between Sunnis and Shiites undoubtedly be followed serious political repercussions lead to the fall of the political process and the arrival of extremist parties of the rule and then it will be the security and political situation in Iraq more dangerous than it is in Syria.

He predicted Radio “Austin” to move Western nations to pressure the country and the Turks and even the Saudis that Aatortoa committing such action, which it described Paljnona and irresponsible which Seatoneks its grave consequences for the region’s countries, particularly Turkey and Saudi Arabia. noted that Western reports confirmed that the operations of escalation to rally to sit Anbar, Fallujah, Mosul , comes in the context of a regional project led by Turkey and Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to topple the Maliki government and bring down the political process leading to the re-Baathists to power and represent a list of “Iraq” 91 deputies of the total 325 deputies tool upon which this country in making a difference and seek to keep the Shi’ite majority to rule, of During re-correct the existing political system, they claim.